TMS & Other Therapies

PTSD4 Proven Treatments to Relieve Your PTSD Symptoms

One or More of These Common Treatments Could Be Right For You!

Depression4 Depression Relief Strategies You Need to Try

Depression Doesn’t Go Away On Its Own — But These Tips Can Help You Fight It

Anxiety5 Anxiety Relief Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet

Time to Put Down the Stress Ball and Try Some New Techniques!

PTSDHow PTSD Changes Your Brain (And How You Can Fight It)

Traumatic Memories Want to Hold You In the Past — But TMS Therapy Can Help

DepressionStudy Finds That Targeted Brain Stimulation Relieves Severe Depression

Personalized Stimulation of the Brain Brings a Unique Solution to Depression Symptoms

TMS & Other Therapies5 Things You Need to Know About Electroconvulsive Therapy

ECT Can Cause Major Memory Loss and Heart Problems — Without Even Fixing Your Depression

DepressionWoman Finds Miracle Relief from Depression with TMS

Marsha Meyer’s depression resisted antidepressants, diets, and talk therapy, but met its match with TMS.

DepressionHow You Can Overcome Pandemic-Related Depression and Anxiety

Therapists believe TMS could be the answer to plummeting mental health over the past year

TMS & Other TherapiesChildhood Trauma and Its Impact of TMS Therapy Outcomes

A recent study shows that TMS therapy may be less effective for individuals who experienced trauma during childhood.

TMS & Other TherapiesHIFU Therapy versus TMS Therapy: What’s the Difference?

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy may be similar in some ways, but there are several noticeable differences between them.

Seasonal Affective DisorderIs Tanning the Seasonal Depression TreatmentYou’ve Been Waiting For?

The truth about tanning and other treatments for Seasonal Depression

DepressionThe Covid-19 Pandemic Encourages Scientists to Explore New Depression Treatments

How the pandemic has affected depression treatments and how they are prescribed

StressMaintaining Your Mental Health as a Single Parent

Whether you’re a single mom, dad, or co-parent, you are the pivot point of your family-- which means you have to take care of yourself

TMS & Other TherapiesTMS Therapy Presents Possible Solution to Pandemic Depression

TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, therapy may be a great alternative solution for those struggling with mental health issues as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

TMS Advances8 Groundbreaking Discoveries in Psychology from 2020

You’ll be blown away by the information uncovered by research this past year

AddictionHow Ketamine Can Help Those With Alcohol Use Disorder

Groundbreaking research has revealed new potentials in addiction treatment

DepressionHow to Know If Your Sadness is Typical or a Depression Symptom

For those who need a better understanding of their emotional struggles

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Life-Changing Magic Of TMS

Nine True Stories Of Hope And Healing Show How Effective TMS Treatment Really Is

TMS & Other TherapiesTaking A Closer Look At TMS

Getting into the ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ and ‘How’ Of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS AdvancesTMS For Migraines: Battling the Consistent Throbbing in Your Head For Good

Migraines affect one billion people worldwide. With TMS therapy, migraines can be a thing of the past with relieved symptoms for a better life.

TMS & Other TherapiesHow Effective Is TMS, Really?

What You Need To Know About TMS Success Rates

TMS AdvancesTMS For Psychosis: Halting Hallucinations and Delusions at Once

Psychosis can be a troubling condition for many people, but with the power of TMS, symptoms can decrease and help you live a better life

TMS & Other TherapiesA Light That Stays On

TMS And Its Long-Lasting Results

AutismTMS For Autism: Improving Social Skills, Repetitive Behaviors, and Irritability

With the revolutionary effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on autism, it can greatly help symptoms associated with autism.

GuidesCrash Course in TMS Therapy

Here’s everything you need to know about transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy

DepressionHow to Cope With Suicide Grief

Though grappling with a loved one’s suicide is difficult, there is relief for your struggle

TMS AdvancesTMS on Tinnitus: Stop the Ringing in Your Ears For Good

Tinnitus brings on horrible ringing in the ears that can seem impossible to stop, but with TMS, it has proven to show revolutionary results

PTSDTMS For PTSD: Fighting Traumatic Memories to Live a Better Life

Post traumatic stress disorder can have damaging effects on the human brain, but with the help of TMS, sufferers can recover successfully and move on

DepressionTMS For Depression: Everything You Need to Know

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and How It Works.

PTSDTMS for Aspergers: Understanding Social Cues One Step at a Time

Aspergers can hold people back from bursting out of their shell, but TMS has shown research to help individuals overcome their fears.

DepressionHow to Get Through Your Existential Crisis

There’s always a healthy way out of any existential crisis

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Lowdown on TMS Therapy

Everything You Need to Know From Start to Finish

DepressionDebunking Myths About Depression

Is what you think you know about depression true?

MemoryCombating Cognitive Decline: What the Trends Are and What You Can Do For Yourself

Recent research has shown that boomers may be especially susceptible to cognitive decline, yet the factors in question can potentially have an impact on anyone.

DepressionIs Hypnotherapy an Effective Depression Treatment?

A closer look at this controversial alternative to antidepressants, plus a few other suggestions

TMS & Other TherapiesBringing Focus to the Brain: Non-Drug, Alternative Stimulation Therapies to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Despite ECT becoming less stigmatized over time, many patients still prefer alternative therapies, and thankfully there are a few other options that are still effective.

TMS & Other TherapiesPandemic Paradigm Shift: What Will TMS Therapy Look Like Post-Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on medical practices everywhere, including TMS providers, and will require psychiatry and other healthcare areas to adapt.

TMS AdvancesFrom Symptom Clusters to Circuits: How TMS Therapy for Depression Might Become Even More Successful

A recent study utilized a mapping of depression symptom clusters to identify particular target brain circuits in order to actually personalize TMS treatment in a promising way.

TMS & Other TherapiesWill You Respond to Antidepressant Medication? A New AI Technology Might Be Able To Tell You

A recent study utilized a combination of EEG and artificial intelligence to accurately identify depressed patients who would respond well to antidepressant medication as well as other treatments.

DepressionSeeing Through the Haze: How Quitting Smoking Affects Your Mental Health

Deciding to quit smoking is certainly beneficial for your physical health, but there are some mental health effects to be aware of in order to best follow through with your decision.

Bipolar DisorderCoping With Mania: Treatments for Bipolar Disorder and Related Symptoms

The manic and depressive episodes that characterize bipolar disorder can be difficult to live with, but there are various treatment options.

DepressionWhy Smoking Might Be Making Your Depression Even Worse

Smoking might make you feel better temporarily, but the relationship between smoking and depression is quite complicated.

DepressionConfronting Existential Depression: How to Help Yourself and Your Loved Ones

It is natural to desire meaning in your life, but what should you do if your existential thoughts start to trigger depression?

DepressionHow To Deal With Depression During COVID-19

Follow these tips to help cope with depressive thoughts while social distancing

Bipolar DisorderEfficacy of Different Treatments for Bipolar Depression

Suffering from Bipolar Disorder may feel like your body is fighting itself in the highs and lows. TMS Therapy can help.

DepressionHow To Cope With Depression As A College Student

Tips For College Students Struggling With Depression

TMS & Other TherapiesContinuing Treatments

As you are likely following the COVID-19 news we want to connect with you directly and make sure you are aware that we are continuing treatments for all patients.

StressYes, Your Anxiety is Affecting Your Physical Health

Chronic anxiety can cause serious short term and long term health issues. Here are some things you should know.

TMS & Other TherapiesTrouble Falling Asleep? Here Are 4 Tips to Beat Your Insomnia

Don’t be left in the dark. Treat your insomnia and finally get that full night’s rest you’ve been needing.

DepressionBroken Heart? Or Something More...

5 tips to help you heal after a break up and determine if the source of your pain runs deeper than you might think

Self CareMental Health Innovations That Defined the Decade

Science and Technology Have Come a Long Way in the Past Ten Years—Here’s How That Progress Has Affected Mental Health.

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Relationship Between Tinnitus and TMS Therapy + How It Can Deliver Relief For Patients

Learn More About This Fascinating Case Study That Finds A Potential Cure For Tinnitus

GuidesA Complete Guide to Support Groups In Pittsburgh

A Comprehensive List of Support Groups Available in Pittsburgh and Its Surrounding Neighborhoods

TMS & Other TherapiesA Physician's Guide To Improving Patient Engagement

It is no secret that physicians are under immense pressure to see more patients in less time. The average primary care physician spends just 18 minutes with each patient, which leaves little time for anything beyond the essentials of taking a medical history and performing a physical exam.

DepressionDealing with Postpartum Depression

What to Do If You’re Experiencing Depression After the Birth of Your Baby

PTSDUnderstanding PTSD: What Is It, and How Do We Recover?

A Closer Look at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and How to Treat It

AddictionCould TMS Therapy Be Used to Treat Addiction?

Transcranial-Magnetic Stimulation Emerges as a Possible Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

GuidesProtecting Our Youth: the Importance of Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness

It’s Never Too Soon to Talk about Mental Health, But It Can Be Too Late

GuidesHow to Cope with Depression During Pregnancy

Everything That You Need to Know about Antepartum Depression and How to Treat It

GuidesThe Ultimate Patient's Guide to TMS Therapy

Wondering If TMS Is Right For You? Here’s Everything That You Need to Know.

DepressionDoes Being Depressed Make You More Likely to Dwell on Negative Memories?

Exploring Negative Memory Bias and Treatment Options for Depression

TMS & Other TherapiesUsing TMS Therapy to Induce Affective Blindsight

Researchers Test How We Unconsciously Process Information By Applying Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Visual Cortex

TMS & Other TherapiesHow to Become a TMS Technician

Learn More About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Including the Training Behind It

TMS AdvancesUsing TMS to Study Fine Motor Skills

Researchers Map Plasticity in the Motor System with TMS

TMS & Other Therapies“What is a TMS Technician?” and Other Questions You Might Have about TMS

Learn More About TMS, Including What It Is, How It Works, and Who Makes It Happen

TMS & Other TherapiesStudy Uses TMS to Investigate Empathy for Pain

How Does Perceiving Someone Else’s Pain Affect Motor Responses in the Brain?

DepressionTreatment Methods for Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Depression Is Real and Scary: Here’s How to Tackle It

OCDTMS Could Improve Symptoms of OCD

Sometimes OCD Persists Despite Treatment—This Study Suggests TMS Could Help

PTSDOne Woman’s Recovery from PTSD through TMS

How Julie Kabat is Reclaiming Her Life with TMS Therapy

TMS & Other TherapiesCould TMS Be Right for You?

Who Are the Best Candidates for TMS Therapy? Read This to Find Out.

TMS AdvancesTMS Therapy News: Using TMS to Learn More about the Senses

This Study Featuring TMS Examines Adaptive Changes in the Brain Relating to the Senses

TMS AdvancesStudy Suggests TMS Therapy Can Reactivate Latent Working Memories

TMS Might Be Able to Help You Retrieve “Forgotten” Information

TMS AdvancesTMS Could Offer Relief from This Nervous System Condition

Recent Findings Suggest TMS Might Be a Treatment Option for Patients Who Suffer From Tardive Dyskinesia

TMS AdvancesConfronting Asperger Syndrome with TMS

Can TMS Benefit Patients with Aspergers? What the Research Suggests So Far.

DepressionTMS for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Study Shows That TMS Therapy Can Improve Psychological and Cognitive Abilities of Depressed Patients

TMS AdvancesTMS May Be Able to Help Treat Parkinson's

A new study suggests that high-frequency TMS could help reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

PTSDTreating Comorbid PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder with TMS

New study shows the efficacy of TMS as a treatment for comorbid PTSD and MDD

TMS & Other TherapiesTMS FAQs

Curious about TMS therapy? Take a look at these frequently asked questions!

TMS AdvancesThe Future of TMS Therapy

How a possible link between heart rate and depression could improve the accuracy of TMS.

DepressionWhy It Is Important To Take Great Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of our lives that often goes overlooked. When we don't take care of our mental health, it has a negative impact on every area of our lives.

TMS & Other TherapiesIs your child depressed? TMS could be the answer.

A non-traditional approach in treating pediatric depression when antidepressants and therapy aren’t working.

Depression8 Effective Tips To Help Someone With Mental Health Issues

Learn about veteran depression and how to treat it with TMS therapy

TMS & Other TherapiesTransform Your Life by Beating Your Addiction: Useful Medical Tips to Follow

In conclusion, overcoming addiction is a difficult but doable objective.

GuidesHow and Where to Meditate in Pittsburgh

A complete guide to the benefits of meditations and resources to practice in Pittsburgh

Addiction6 Treatment Options for Addiction That Actually Work

Contrary to perceptions smoking cigarettes can actually increase anxiety

Depression11 Tips For Protecting Your Mental Health

A recent study has found that regularly attending cultural events, such as movies to theater events, can help fight depression as you age; the more often you attend these events, the less depressed you will be.

AddictionStudy Discovers Substance Users Cue Reactivity Center in Brain

In an effort to expand TMS treatment to helping those with substance abuse and addiction, researchers at MUSC have determined which areas of the brain are “hot spots” of increased activity by showing participants “drug cues.”

TMS & Other Therapies6 Facts About Fitness Supplements For Workouts That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

If you're stuck in a fitness rut, it might be time to consider adding workout supplements to your routine.

GuidesGetting Over Severe PTSD Can Be Achieved With The Following Methods

If you’re struggling with PTSD, know that you’re not alone. Seek professional help and use the above tips to start on the road to recovery.

GuidesThe Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in the Pittsburgh Area

When we take care of ourselves, we are able to give our best selves to others. These Pittsburgh wellness spas and yoga studios can get you on track to improving your mental and physical health.

TMS & Other TherapiesHow To Support Your Family’s Mental Wellness

What You Need to Know About How TMS Affects Your Brain on a Cellular Level

TMS & Other TherapiesBrain Stimulation Overcoming Stigma

The Future (and past) of Mental Health

TMS & Other TherapiesFun Summer Activities Guaranteed To Boost Your Mood

The summer season is the perfect time to try out new things and have some fun. If you're feeling down or just need a pick-me-up, consider adding these activities to your summer bucket list!

DepressionPersonal Insights on Treating Depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS Can Be a Solution for Those who are Struggling to Find the Right Treatment for Depression

DepressionTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation: Alternative Therapy for Chronic Depression

When Antidepressants or First-line Treatments are Unsuccessful

DepressionIs TMS Therapy the Secret to Treating Treatment-Resistant Depression?

A Personal Account of How TMS Therapy Can Change Your Life

AutismCan TMS Unlock Emotions in Patients with Asperger's Syndrome?

How TMS Therapy Changed the Life of One Pittsburgh Man-- And How It Can Change Yours