TMS & Other Therapies

GuidesHow to Cope with Depression During Pregnancy

Everything That You Need to Know about Antepartum Depression and How to Treat It

GuidesThe Ultimate Patient's Guide to TMS Therapy

Wondering If TMS Is Right For You? Here’s Everything That You Need to Know.

DepressionDoes Being Depressed Make You More Likely to Dwell on Negative Memories?

Exploring Negative Memory Bias and Treatment Options for Depression

TMS & Other TherapiesUsing TMS Therapy to Induce Affective Blindsight

Researchers Test How We Unconsciously Process Information By Applying Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Visual Cortex

TMS & Other TherapiesHow to Become a TMS Technician

Learn More About Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Including the Training Behind It

TMS AdvancesUsing TMS to Study Fine Motor Skills

Researchers Map Plasticity in the Motor System with TMS

TMS & Other Therapies“What is a TMS Technician?” and Other Questions You Might Have about TMS

Learn More About TMS, Including What It Is, How It Works, and Who Makes It Happen

TMS & Other TherapiesStudy Uses TMS to Investigate Empathy for Pain

How Does Perceiving Someone Else’s Pain Affect Motor Responses in the Brain?

DepressionTreatment Methods for Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Depression Is Real and Scary: Here’s How to Tackle It

OCDTMS Could Improve Symptoms of OCD

Sometimes OCD Persists Despite Treatment—This Study Suggests TMS Could Help

PTSDOne Woman’s Recovery from PTSD through TMS

How Julie Kabat is Reclaiming Her Life with TMS Therapy

TMS & Other TherapiesCould TMS Be Right for You?

Who Are the Best Candidates for TMS Therapy? Read This to Find Out.

TMS AdvancesTMS Therapy News: Using TMS to Learn More about the Senses

This Study Featuring TMS Examines Adaptive Changes in the Brain Relating to the Senses

TMS AdvancesStudy Suggests TMS Therapy Can Reactivate Latent Working Memories

TMS Might Be Able to Help You Retrieve “Forgotten” Information

TMS AdvancesTMS Could Offer Relief from This Nervous System Condition

Recent Findings Suggest TMS Might Be a Treatment Option for Patients Who Suffer From Tardive Dyskinesia

TMS AdvancesConfronting Asperger Syndrome with TMS

Can TMS Benefit Patients with Aspergers? What the Research Suggests So Far.

DepressionTMS for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Study Shows That TMS Therapy Can Improve Psychological and Cognitive Abilities of Depressed Patients

TMS AdvancesTMS May Be Able to Help Treat Parkinson's

A new study suggests that high-frequency TMS could help reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

PTSDTreating Comorbid PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder with TMS

New study shows the efficacy of TMS as a treatment for comorbid PTSD and MDD

TMS & Other TherapiesTMS FAQs

Curious about TMS therapy? Take a look at these frequently asked questions!

TMS AdvancesThe Future of TMS Therapy

How a possible link between heart rate and depression could improve the accuracy of TMS.

TMS & Other TherapiesIs your child depressed? TMS could be the answer.

A non-traditional approach in treating pediatric depression when antidepressants and therapy aren’t working.

DepressionHelping Veterans Adjust to Civilian Life Despite Depression

Learn about veteran depression and how to treat it with TMS therapy

TMS & Other TherapiesWhat to Expect During TMS Therapy

Learn what to expect and how to prepare accordingly

GuidesHow and Where to Meditate in Pittsburgh

A complete guide to the benefits of meditations and resources to practice in Pittsburgh

AddictionDoes smoking help or cause anxiety?

Contrary to perceptions smoking cigarettes can actually increase anxiety

DepressionCultural Cure for Warding Off Depression

A recent study has found that regularly attending cultural events, such as movies to theater events, can help fight depression as you age; the more often you attend these events, the less depressed you will be.

AddictionStudy Discovers Substance Users Cue Reactivity Center in Brain

In an effort to expand TMS treatment to helping those with substance abuse and addiction, researchers at MUSC have determined which areas of the brain are “hot spots” of increased activity by showing participants “drug cues.”

Bipolar DisorderGroundbreaking New Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

A recent study has made the groundbreaking discovery of a bipolar disorder treatment with little to no side effects using TMS.

TMS & Other TherapiesTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation Patient Shares Experience

A TMS patient with depression for 15 years uses art to share her experience of depression and treatment after medication had been unsuccessful.

GuidesThe Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in West Virginia

From spas to yoga centers, there’s no shortage of places to escape and treat yourself in West Virginia. If you are one of the 16.2 million Americans who struggle with depression, self-care can play an even more powerful role in maintaining your well-being.

GuidesThe Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in the Pittsburgh Area

When we take care of ourselves, we are able to give our best selves to others. These Pittsburgh wellness spas and yoga studios can get you on track to improving your mental and physical health.

TMS & Other TherapiesHow Does Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Change the Brain?

What You Need to Know About How TMS Affects Your Brain on a Cellular Level

TMS & Other TherapiesBrain Stimulation Overcoming Stigma

The Future (and past) of Mental Health

TMS & Other TherapiesABCs of Brain Stimulation Therapies

Complete Guide to 3 Popular Types of Brain Stimulation Therapies

DepressionPersonal Insights on Treating Depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS Can Be a Solution for Those who are Struggling to Find the Right Treatment for Depression

DepressionTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation: Alternative Therapy for Chronic Depression

When Antidepressants or First-line Treatments are Unsuccessful

DepressionIs TMS Therapy the Secret to Treating Treatment-Resistant Depression?

A Personal Account of How TMS Therapy Can Change Your Life

DepressionHow Effective is Your Depression Treatment, Really?

Several Options and How They Can Work for You

AutismCan TMS Unlock Emotions in Patients with Asperger's Syndrome?

How TMS Therapy Changed the Life of One Pittsburgh Man-- And How It Can Change Yours

Depression3 Things You Need to Know About Treating Depression with TMS Therapy

The Innovation Bringing New Hope to People Struggling with Depression