TMS Advances

DepressionStudy Finds That Targeted Brain Stimulation Relieves Severe Depression

Personalized Stimulation of the Brain Brings a Unique Solution to Depression Symptoms

TMS & Other TherapiesChildhood Trauma and Its Impact of TMS Therapy Outcomes

A recent study shows that TMS therapy may be less effective for individuals who experienced trauma during childhood.

TMS & Other Therapies7 Informative Discussion Threads You Must Read Before Starting TMS

Read these moving testimonials from TMS patients before beginning TMS therapy treatment

TMS & Other TherapiesCurious to Know How You Can Become a TMS Technician?

The breakdown on everything you need to know about working in TMS therapy

TMS AdvancesTMS For Migraines: Battling the Consistent Throbbing in Your Head For Good

Migraines affect one billion people worldwide. With TMS therapy, migraines can be a thing of the past with relieved symptoms for a better life.

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Ultimate Guide to TMS Therapy and Insurance Coverage

TMS treatment is more accessible and affordable than you think

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Essential How-To Guide For TMS Therapy

Everything you need to know to locate a TMS Therapy provider near you

TMS AdvancesTMS For Psychosis: Halting Hallucinations and Delusions at Once

Psychosis can be a troubling condition for many people, but with the power of TMS, symptoms can decrease and help you live a better life

AutismTMS For Autism: Improving Social Skills, Repetitive Behaviors, and Irritability

With the revolutionary effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) on autism, it can greatly help symptoms associated with autism.

TMS AdvancesTMS on Tinnitus: Stop the Ringing in Your Ears For Good

Tinnitus brings on horrible ringing in the ears that can seem impossible to stop, but with TMS, it has proven to show revolutionary results

PTSDTMS For PTSD: Fighting Traumatic Memories to Live a Better Life

Post traumatic stress disorder can have damaging effects on the human brain, but with the help of TMS, sufferers can recover successfully and move on

PTSDTMS for Aspergers: Understanding Social Cues One Step at a Time

Aspergers can hold people back from bursting out of their shell, but TMS has shown research to help individuals overcome their fears.

TMS AdvancesTMS: Stopping Fearful Memories in Their Tracks

Clinical Trials Point to Hopeful Developments in Memory Alteration

TMS AdvancesTMS to Play a Key Role in the Future of Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

When paired with electronic limb nerve stimulation, TMS has already helped one young man regain the ability to walk. What else could it do?

MemoryThe Future of Treating Mild Cognitive Impairment

MRIs and TMS may hold the key to treating MCI in a highly tailored way

TMS AdvancesFrom Symptom Clusters to Circuits: How TMS Therapy for Depression Might Become Even More Successful

A recent study utilized a mapping of depression symptom clusters to identify particular target brain circuits in order to actually personalize TMS treatment in a promising way.

TMS & Other TherapiesWill You Respond to Antidepressant Medication? A New AI Technology Might Be Able To Tell You

A recent study utilized a combination of EEG and artificial intelligence to accurately identify depressed patients who would respond well to antidepressant medication as well as other treatments.

Bipolar DisorderEfficacy of Different Treatments for Bipolar Depression

Suffering from Bipolar Disorder may feel like your body is fighting itself in the highs and lows. TMS Therapy can help.

TMS & Other TherapiesThe Relationship Between Tinnitus and TMS Therapy + How It Can Deliver Relief For Patients

Learn More About This Fascinating Case Study That Finds A Potential Cure For Tinnitus

AddictionCould TMS Therapy Be Used to Treat Addiction?

Transcranial-Magnetic Stimulation Emerges as a Possible Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

TMS & Other TherapiesUsing TMS Therapy to Induce Affective Blindsight

Researchers Test How We Unconsciously Process Information By Applying Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Visual Cortex

TMS & Other TherapiesStudy Uses TMS to Investigate Empathy for Pain

How Does Perceiving Someone Else’s Pain Affect Motor Responses in the Brain?

OCDTMS Could Improve Symptoms of OCD

Sometimes OCD Persists Despite Treatment—This Study Suggests TMS Could Help

PTSDOne Woman’s Recovery from PTSD through TMS

How Julie Kabat is Reclaiming Her Life with TMS Therapy

TMS AdvancesTMS Therapy News: Using TMS to Learn More about the Senses

This Study Featuring TMS Examines Adaptive Changes in the Brain Relating to the Senses

TMS AdvancesStudy Suggests TMS Therapy Can Reactivate Latent Working Memories

TMS Might Be Able to Help You Retrieve “Forgotten” Information

TMS & Other TherapiesCatch More Z's with TMS

This Recent Study Suggests TMS Could Deepen Your Night’s Sleep

DepressionWhich Sports Require Peace Of Mind And Mental Strength

In conclusion, there is a wide range of sports that require mental strength and a peaceful state of mind.

DepressionTMS for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Study Shows That TMS Therapy Can Improve Psychological and Cognitive Abilities of Depressed Patients

TMS AdvancesTMS May Be Able to Help Treat Parkinson's

A new study suggests that high-frequency TMS could help reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

TMS AdvancesThe Future of TMS Therapy

How a possible link between heart rate and depression could improve the accuracy of TMS.

AddictionStudy Discovers Substance Users Cue Reactivity Center in Brain

In an effort to expand TMS treatment to helping those with substance abuse and addiction, researchers at MUSC have determined which areas of the brain are “hot spots” of increased activity by showing participants “drug cues.”

TMS & Other TherapiesHow To Support Your Family’s Mental Wellness

What You Need to Know About How TMS Affects Your Brain on a Cellular Level

PTSDHow to Improve Your Academic Performance

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) occurs after life-altering events like sexual or physical abuse, serious accidents, or serving in the military.

MemoryTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation Offers New Hope for Individuals with Memory Problems

Study Shows TMS Improved the Brain’s Ability to Make New Memories