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10 Things You Need To Know About Moldavite Before Buying


Moldavite is a Tektite, green crystal that is typically used to aid emotional healing and manifestation. 

Tektite comes from the Greek word for molten - it is one of a group of crystals that is created by volcanic eruptions and activity. There are some old folktales that talk about these crystals falling from the sky. 

Today, we are going to talk you through everything you need to know about Moldavite before you buy any. This is a very powerful stone that could make a huge difference in your life. 

#1 - Moldavite Is Related To 8 of the 12 Zodiac Signs 

Moldavite has a strong bond with the following 8 Zodiac signs - 









This does not mean it can only be used by people of this sign, or during these points of the year, but it may be more potent in these cases.  Moldavite certainly is a stunning gemstone, which is said to be created from cosmic flame and is destined for greatness. Zodiac signs that are connected to this gemstone can benefit from its usage a lot. In any case, if you are not sure which gemstone is yours, you can do your own research on websites like Horoscope, Astrology, or Astrostyle. Zodiac Story's horoscope signs may also come in handy when you are in search of your own birthstone.

#2 - Moldavite Is Related To 3 Chakras 

Is there a Moldavite meaning? Well, there are actually a huge number of meanings connected to this crystal. 

It is most commonly used for its relation to the heart chakra, the earth chakra, and the third eye chakra. 

But as you will see throughout this article, it has many other meanings and connections. 

#3 - You Need Two Things To Cleanse Moldavite 

There are two easy ways to cleanse Moldavite. 

The first is to use a clear quartz crystal to extract any negative energy. 

The other way is to burn sage around the crystal and then hold it under running water. You can use a tap for this, but a river or lake would be more effective. 

#4 - You Should Pair Moldavite With These Two Crystals 

Moldavite is an incredibly powerful crystal and using it can make some people feel nauseous. 

You can pair the crystals with either clear or rose quartz to help prevent this side effect. 

Because it is so powerful, Moldavite does not pair well with most other crystals. 

#5 - Some Believe That There Was Moldavite On The Holy Grail 

Thanks to its power levels, many believe that pieces of Moldavite were used to adorn this legendary item. This belief is based on a few descriptions of the grail that talk about green crystals being used to it. As well as the fact that Moldavite was a popular and valuable stone in the Roman Era. 

#6 - Moldavite Hadecorats Long Been Coveted 

We know that Moldavite was popular as far back as the Neolithic Period. However, one of the most interesting facts about the stone was that it was found buried with the Venus of Willendorf - the oldest sculpture in the world, it is over 25,000 years old. 

So, we know that Moldavite was being used as far back as then. 

#7 - Moldavite Is One Of The Most Powerful Crystals 

We mentioned above that Moldavite is so powerful that many people can feel unwell after using it. This is because it has incredibly high vibrations. 

In fact, when it comes to emotional healing, it is one of the most potent stones out there. 

#8 - Moldavite Should Be Your First Choice When It Comes To Relationships 

If you are having problems with the relationships in your life then you should spend some time working with Moldavite. 

You will find it useful whether you want to heal from the damage caused by previous relationships, prepare yourself for a new relationship, strengthen one that already exists, or even create a new one. 

#9 - Moldavite Can Be Used To Deepen The Effects Of Therapy 

If you are struggling with emotional issues - particularly if it has been caused by someone you have a close relationship with - then you should consider using therapy and Moldavite together to treat it. 

#10 - Moldavite Comes From An Unexpected Location 

Moldavite is a Tektite crystal. Tektite comes from the Greek word tektos - this is the world we get tectonic plates from. Tektos means molten and was often used to refer to lava. 

As you can probably guess from the context, Tektite crystals are formed in volcanoes - either by eruptions or by activity under the surface. 

Moldavite is a green crystal that is related to the heart, earth, and third eye chakra. It is typically used for emotional healing and cleansing, however, it can also be used to strengthen existing relationships and manifest new ones. 

This is a very powerful crystal with high levels of vibration.

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