10 Tips to Remain Mentally Healthy During Exams


Most students feel a little more pressure around exam time than any other time. The usual last-minute dash is likely not to be the best but, at the same time, almost impossible to shun. Well, better time management may help, but most say they work better under pressure.

We have some tips on how you can keep things in check during and for exams.

Don't Study for Too Long at a Time

You want to reduce your workload as much as possible to remain with only what you need to be doing at that time. "If you still have some assignments for different classes, it pays to buy an essay online or have a professional take this off your plate so you can focus on the upcoming test alone," advises Linda Meitex, a freelance writer for mental health at PapersOwl. "When it comes to the actual study, some of the techniques that help you to keep healthy mentally and physically include walking around, stretching, and you can take a break to listen to music. The idea here is to check that you don't overdo your breaks," she adds. If you are focused, they will be beneficial and not a derailment.

Create a Study Schedule and Stick to it

The Pomodoro technique is probably one of the best ways for college students to manage their time and reduce stress. This is how it works: it breaks your day down into 25-minute chunks with 5-minute breaks. After four of these, called pomodoros, you will take a more extended one lasting 15-20 minutes. This allows you enough time to work on a task while simultaneously reminding you that you have limited time to finish it. Each off-time is a reward to look forward to as you study or work. It makes a big difference if you can commit to it.

For this to work, you would need a study timetable to help with stress management during these challenging times, as most of us work best when we know what's happening next. You want the it to be reasonable to miss the likely stress.  

Study in the Right Place

If you are already dealing with exam anxiety, you don't want distractions that will only make studying worse. A library is an ideal study space for some, but not everyone, so choose the space that works for you. It could be in the woods, a noisy café, or a home office. The most important thing is for your chosen space to make it easy to read and understand and not heighten your stress.  

Set Priorities

You want to be realistic about what you can achieve with your time. If you haven't been studying all school year long, it is hard to cram everything the night before your paper. Choose what is essential and go with it, as too much memorizing may actually help you forget the vital parts. Read, relax, and steer clear of anything that makes you think you haven't done enough.

Get Plenty of Sleep 

Exams need mental clarity and sharpness, and you will not get that after a few hours of sleep. Try and clear your mind so you don't overthink. Trust your readiness levels to get you where you need to be. Eight hours of sleep are great, but six will suffice if you cannot manage that much shuteye. So, it helps to go to bed early. 

Steer Clear of Junk Food

You want to eat good meals that will give you the strength for your exam. It will energize the body and clear your mind, and you will sleep much better for better rest. You do not want to eat that over-processed stuff for now because it gets you tired, while whole foods improve brain activity. The omega-three fatty acids you get from fatty fish are vital as studies say they could improve memory and keep dementia at bay. You will also look great with great health, so you would be killing several birds with one stone.

cooked food on black bowl

Leave Caffeine and Energy Drinks Alone for Now 

You definitely need to stay hydrated, but caffeinated drinks are not the way to go. They will only get you too anxious and stressed to study, so green tea or water are better options. You can infuse them with fruits for a better taste.

Talk to Someone if you're Feeling Overwhelmed

You will be spending time so much time alone, so it helps to find someone to talk to if that is an issue. Simple ideas such as taking a warm bath could set a nice refreshing pace, then walk out of the house or campus and find someone to take your mind off papers.

If you are not the talking kind, you may want to read a book on how the mind works or even fiction. There are several mental health benefits of reading book, and it takes your mind off the present for a while. The plan is to be as relaxed as possible, even in the face of an impending monster.

Avoid Using Alcohol as a Coping Mechanism

If you are struggling a lot, then alcohol is not the solution. Find an expert to talk to instead, as that will have a better impact than drinking it out. This step is vital as it could enable you to handle issues better now and in the future.


There is enough material in the world to help you deal with these issues if you ask for help and try to get away from destructive ideas. If it helps, remember tests do not last too long. You will be alright if you can hold on long enough to get that phase done and dusted.

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