3 Common Sources of Stress & How To Overcome Them?


It seems like everyone is very stressed out these days, and there are plenty of reasons why. From worrying about smaller and more personal problems to worrying about the state of other people and the state of the world, stress seems to be sinking its claws more and more into the human race every single day, and it can almost seem hopeless to fight against it. 

However, as stress starts to become more and more powerful, you need to also make sure to understand that there are more and more ways to overcome stress as well.

This article will show off some of the most common forms that stress will take, as well as some easy strategies that you can use in order to overcome stress and get back to living a normal and stress free life.

1. Stress Over Health

Whether you are worrying over a broken bone, a depressive episode, or a broken heart, stress over your health can ironically make existing health problems worse and can cause new ones. While your health problems are valid and you should consider the impact that they have on your life moving forward, you also can overcome your stress related health problems and get yourself back to being better than ever.

First and foremost, do what you can to heal yourself. Whether that is taking medication, seeking therapy, focusing on self care, or some combination of all three, taking care of yourself and working to alleviate the pain will not only help the problem go away but the stress over the problem will go away too.

2. Stress Over Money

Whether you are worried about paying bills, have to react to a massive money emergency such as paying for a car repair, or simply face a lot of debt and need to deal with it, stress over money is easily one of the most common forms of stress that everyone faces in their lifetime. Money can be a very complicated subject, but if you know how to manage your money, you can start to see money as a helpful ally and not a stress causing enemy.

One of the first ways to handle money is to get everything out in front of you and make a budget. Look at your income and be realistic about how much you are making and when the payments come in, and also be realistic about how much you are spending and what you are spending your money on. 

Then see what your biggest expenses are and don’t be afraid to see what you can cut back on. For example, if you constantly spend money with some online credit cards, maybe disable your account until you have your savings built back up and have the cash to spare.

3. Stress Over Relationships

You might be going through a breakup, experiencing a rough time in your marriage, or having a fight with your best friend. Stress in friendships and relationships can be a massive hurdle because they involve another person and it is very hard to walk through the emotional minefield without something making it worse. 

However, relationships can be healed, and often we try to avoid relationship stress. But by taking our time and talking about our problems with the other person, you will begin the road towards healing your relationship and getting back to feeling good about the other person!

Don’t Let Stress Take Over Your Life

While it might seem like stress is everywhere, you don’t need to let it take you over. Instead you can focus on coming up with optimal strategies to be stress free in all areas of your life!

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