4 Emerging Technologies In Healthcare That You Can Educate Yourself On


Technology has revamped how industries of today operate and the healthcare industry is no exception. The use of technology in the healthcare sector has not only helped in improving patient care but also opened up new frontiers when it comes to finding novel treatments for chronic and life-threatening diseases. From using AI technology to aid in making a diagnosis to remote patient monitoring, let's explore the top emerging tech that's been revolutionizing the healthcare industry and ensuring better health outcomes. 

1. Healthcare Trackers

The healthcare tech used today has empowered people to better take care of their health and manage diseases in a more effective way. Wearable trackers, sensors, and several other patient monitoring devices are available that provide real-time vitals monitoring, and automatically notify if any red flags are identified. Let’s say you are suffering from hypertension and need to monitor your vitals, especially blood pressure and heart rate several times a day. Using a wearable health tracker or similar tech capable of providing real-time monitoring is an excellent choice to make. Whether you want to lose weight or just keep a tab on your overall health, vital monitoring devices like these are quite useful.  

2. Medical Tricorders

While wearable health trackers provide remote tracking facilities, a hospital setting requires robust equipment that is precise and reliable. The medical tricorder is a revolutionary monitoring device capable of measuring heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and even performing an ECG test. 

Devices like these have already gained the approval of the FDA and are now being tested in different healthcare settings. Doctors, family nurse practitioners, and hospital staff can greatly benefit from this tech. There are several benefits to becoming a family nurse practitioner like having full practice authority. Using sophisticated monitoring devices like medical tricorders in remote healthcare settings can prove to be an effective patient monitoring tool. Family nurse practitioners and telemedicine services can use these tricorders to provide quality healthcare services. 

3. Drug Development

The process of developing novel drug treatments requires a significant amount of resources. Not only is the process time-consuming but it is also costly. Technologies like artificial intelligence have led to a paradigm shift in drug development and research. Using AI, pharmaceutical companies can experiment with drugs while saving time and money. 

4. Robotics

It's the fastest-growing tech branch in the healthcare sector due to its promising deliverables. Creating exoskeletons to provide mobility support, using robots to disinfect contaminated zones, and developing surgical robots are some recent applications of robotics in the healthcare industry. There are even companion robots that are providing patient care services in hospitals and nursing homes. 

These innovative times have seen a complete revamping of healthcare in a positive way. Being open to new ideas and embracing tech is the way to a better and healthier future. Besides the technologies we've mentioned, there are several others like 3D printing, nanotechnology, and novel genome sequencing tech that are being refined as technology advances. It is wise to educate yourself on the latest healthcare technologies as becoming familiar will only make you ready to embrace these positive changes.

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