5 Winter Activities To Fight Depression Near Milford, MA


As the weather starts to get colder and we head toward the winter months, it can be hard to figure out how to fight seasonal and even regular depression. Since the warmth of the summer is gone and the leaves are beginning to fall, some may wonder what they can do for fun in the winter to keep morale and spirits high. With just a little bit of searching, you can find many different winter activities to keep you warm and happy! And this blog will do exactly that, as a guide to fun activities near Milford, MA, during the winter cold. 

Why Winter Can Be Depressing 

Not A Lot Of Vacations In The Winter 

As kids, we tend to love going out and playing in the snow. It’s a way to hang out with friends, go sledding, and have a snowball fight with parents. Even the days off of school allowed us to roam around with our favorite colorful coats in the thick white powder. But, as adults, with less time to go play in the snow and no days off from work or school, it can be difficult to try and have fun. Even though there are different activities to do, it can be a challenge trying to figure out where to go since, when going outside, you’ll need to bundle up rather than dress down.

It can also be dreadful since walks and hikes are typically limited to sunny and warm days, which can be hard to find as the weather gets colder and the snow starts to come. But there are still many different ways you can boost your mental health and happiness in the winter, which will be explained below!

People ice skating 
Although summer and warm weather offer you warmth and relaxation, there are different winter activities that can be just as fun. For example, going ice skating with friends or even seeing a new movie can be great activities for the winter. Be sure to find these types of places in your town or city to go out and enjoy some winter fun! 

Fun Places And Things To Do 

Summertime Isn’t The Only Time For Fun! 

There are many different indoor activities that you can do with friends or family in the winter. Things like bowling, ice skating at an indoor rink, going to an arcade, and even maybe a museum can be entertaining for all. And if you’re willing to go outdoors for a snowy activity, there are many different light shows that you can find and outdoor skating rinks to go to as well! Be sure to research in your area the best places you can go for some adventures in the cold. Here are some of the things that you’ll be able to do near the Milford, MA, area: 

  • Swim at a recreational indoor pool. Although many people associate a swimming pool with summer fun because of sunbathing and outdoor time, there are many indoor pools you can go to for a casual swim or even a winter workout! Residents of the Milford area can get a lap swim seasonal pass at their high school pool, which is open from Monday- Saturday at different times, which can help with busy individuals' schedules! If you want a more exercise-oriented swimming experience, residents can also sign up for their HIIT swimming workouts on their website. This will give you a high-intensity cardio workout with many different days and times to choose from for your convenience! 
  • Bowling. Nothing is better than a fun game of bowling with friends when the weather gets too chilly to play mini golf. At Pinz bowling in Milford, MA, people can bowl, play trivia, and arcade games all in one place! They also have laser tag, virtual reality games,  and axe throwing for adventure seekers! Players can enjoy time with their coworkers after a long day or even friends after a long week! Go knock down some pins and beverages with buddies. 
  • Watch a new movie. There are many different movie theaters around Milford, MA, to go watch new films and eat popcorn with friends! It’ll keep you nice and warm during a frigid day and will keep you from boredom! If you’re hungry for some movie theater popcorn or a nice cold slushie indoors, here’s the place for you! Also, be sure to research movie ticket deals for a better experience!
  • Ice skating. Right next to Milford in Hopedale, MA is a skating rink for all ages. At Blackstone Valley IcePlex, parents, kids, and teens can enjoy a snack bar and a skate session. Even if you’ve never skated before, this place will be a great time for all! It’s $6 for general admission and $6 for rental skates. 
  • Trampoline park. Near Milford, MA, in Bellingham, is the Urban Air Adventure & Trampoline Park. Fun for both adults and kids, this place will give you a break from the everyday stress of the winter. Here you’ll be able to enjoy climbing walls, trampolines, and arcades. Be sure to check this place out if you’re down for fun and activity with friends, be sure to also participate in their dodgeball games! 
People sitting in a movie theater watching a movie. 
If you’re bored at home in the winter, be sure to go to a local movie theater or bowling alley to get some stress out! It’ll be a great way to get away from any winter blues and can keep you entertained for hours. Be sure to check out websites for coupons or happy hours as well to increase your fun! 

If you’re feeling down from the upcoming winter weather, you’ll want to be sure to check these places listed above out! Even if you just want to watch a movie with friends or go swimming for exercise, any activity can help fight seasonal depression! 

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