6 Winter Sightseeing Locations To Overcome Seasonal Depression Near Monroeville, PA


The best thing to do during the holiday season is to go enjoy holiday festivities with friends and family. And, since there are always different places to see some lights or even Christmas trees, this blog will teach you about those near Monroeville, PA. These great activities include ice skating, winter light watching, and Christmas dinner events. You’ll for sure want to continue reading this blog to learn how to find these types of events near you! 

Why Is Sightseeing Good For Seasonal Depression? 

It Can Be Somewhat Of A Cure 

Seasonal depression can come when it’s unwanted most. When you plan to be happy and cheerful during the Christmas season, it can pop up out of nowhere and cause feelings of sadness and sorrow. But, one way to try and cope with this type of depression is going out and finding fun and exciting Christmas-themed things to do. 

Sometimes all it takes is a visit from Santa to help keep those sad thoughts and feelings away. But if you think you’re too old for Santa, there’s always ice skating or even light shows to boost your mood! Keep reading for those great and fun events coming up in Monroeville, PA! 

A picture of Christmas lights 
Any type of Christmas activity that you plan on doing will for sure be able to boost your mood. No matter what, if any type of Christmas-themed event is around, seasonal depression will drop! You’ll want to make sure you know about all these types of events near you before you decide that not going is a better option. You’ll never know how magical seeing lights can be until you decide to go, and be sure to bring some hot cocoa for the best experience! 

Winter Sightseeing Events In Monroeville, PA

Sightseeing Can Be Amazing With Lights!

Monroeville, PA, has many different seasonal events all year long for people of all ages to attend. Any sort of sightseeing is sure to bring joy and happiness to anyone! For example, there are events like breakfast with Santa, Christmas lights, Christmas tree events, and Christmas Home Tours. 

  • Breakfast With Santa. On December 3rd, from 10 am until 1 pm, children and adults alike can have breakfast with Santa at the Greenhouse Winery. Brunch will be served at 10:30 am, and there will be a buffet, children's crafts, and cookie decorating, and each adult gets their very own adult stocking! For anyone who is feeling any sort of seasonal depression at the start of December, this is the type of event for you! Be sure to bring friends or family with you to get the holiday feel and Santa visit with others! 
  • Oakmont Christmas Home Tour. On Sunday, December 4th, from 12 pm until 4 pm, anyone can take a peek inside beautiful homes decked out in Christmas glory! The self-guided tour takes you to five different homes, large and small, and shows you different themes each and every year for the house decorations! Tickets are 25 dollars, and some of the homes are at a further distance from others, so be sure to have a ride. 
  • Sip and Shop holiday pop-up. On December 11th, Adults can stop by and sip and shop while getting holiday gifts in order! There will be plenty of wine and small snacks to munch on while you finish any last-minute shopping for gifts. Be sure to check out Mazzotta Winery to get this Christmas-time deal! 
  • Vinoski Winery’s Christmas Extravaganza. Another great winery that adults will have to check out is Vinoski’s Winery. On December 3rd at 12pm, people will be able to enjoy their annual Christmas Extravaganza filled with wine and fun! Here there will be things like holiday music, different vendors, cookies, candy, wine, and hot chocolate. You won’t want to miss this Christmas-themed event! 
  • Christmas Skating Party. On December 18th from 5:30 pm until 9 pm, everyone’s invited to go skate! With a live DJ, a food and snack bar, gifts and raffles, and an ugly sweater contest, anyone is sure to have a Christmas-filled time while ice skating! The event is only 10 dollars per person, so be sure to get your friends or family down to go ice skating, even if it’ll be your first time doing so. 
  • Cookie decorating with Buddy and Jovi at Bakery Square. Another event that’s a little further away than Monroeville is a cookie decorating event in Pittsburgh! On December 10th, from 12 pm until 2 pm, family and friends alike can enjoy holiday music while decorating their favorite cookies. Just for 10 dollars, you’ll be able to enjoy decorating two cookies and a character meet and sing-along! If you’re someone who enjoys cookies and the holiday spirit, this event is just for you. 

Although some of these events include a price for fun, they are all very cheap options for anyone in the holiday spirit who wants to have fun with their family or friends. Be sure to check out any of these places if you’re interested in Christmas activities to help any seasonal depression you may have! 

A picture of Christmas cookies 
Even if you’re just down to decorate a cookie or have breakfast with Santa, Monroeville has every type of activity you may be looking for! Be sure to check out this list and send it to friends if you think they’ll have a good time with you here! These events are sure to help cure seasonal depression, so you’ll want to pick your one favorite or a few favorites to try and do this Christmas season! 

Spending the holidays sad is never an option, you’ll always want to at least try and lift your spirits, whether that’s by looking at holiday lights or even by checking out a local winery and taste-testing different flavors. If any of these things sound exciting and entertaining to you, make sure to visit some of the places on this blog!

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