7 Holistic Mental Health Counselors in Pittsburgh You Should Know About

February 13, 2019


If you’re in the market for a holistic mental health practitioner in Pittsburgh, then you’re in luck. Boasting of a vibrant market for this specialty, Pittsburgh has more than a couple of options available for you. With such a wide variety of specialties and expertise amongst this group of professionals, you’re sure to find someone you’d like to work with. All of these holistic professionals will be happy to meet and discuss your personal situation in further detail. Whether you’re looking for someone to talk to, or are interested in learning about other holistic healing methods, consider contacting one of these counselors for additional information.

pittsburgh integrative mental health logo
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health. Try speaking to the certified mental health professionals at Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health. They will work with you to help you realize your goals.

1. Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health

160 N. Craig St., #212

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


The professional mental health counselors at Pittsburgh Integrative Mental Health are amongst the most sought after in Pittsburgh. Their team of dedicated health professionals specialize in a wide array of disciplines. Pittsburgh Integrated Mental Health offers lots of options and ways to help, and when it comes to choosing what’s right for you, you can be sure to trust their years of experience and success with other patients. In addition to mental health and holistic services, they offer: spiritual counseling, mindfulness, meditation, music and light therapy. If you’ve tried other specialists before and have not been successful, perhaps one of these innovative therapies could be right for you.

Transformations TMS therapy in Pittsburgh, Western PA, and WV logo
Image courtesy of Transformations. TMS Therapy might be the answer you’re looking for. Contact Transformations to learn more and discuss your options.

2. Transformations

Various Locations

4001 Stonewood Dr., Ste. 105

Wexford, PA 15090


Transformations is another fantastic option for holistic mental health therapy in the Pittsburgh area. The specialize in NeuroStar TMS, which activates key areas of the brain using  a non-invasive magnetic field.  This type of therapy has been shown to help patients who did not respond well to drugs, or who continue to struggle with their illness. If you think you might be interested in starting on a more holistic path-- such as is offered at Transformations-- then this therapy might be right for you. The professionals at Transformations utilize the NeuroStar TMS because they believe it is a better-- more whole-- approach to dealing with mental health issues than just traditional medicine.

new directions counseling logo
Image courtesy of New Directions. The experienced counselors at New Directions can help you on your path to healing.

3. New Directions Counseling Services

117 VIP Drive #310

Wexford, PA 15090


The experienced staff at New Directions Counseling Services believes that only through a holistic approach, can people start down the path to recovery. In addition to their psychotherapy services-- which reach out to adults, children, and teens-- they also make it a point to include nutrition education and lifestyle enhancements to their approach to patient healing. The body needs to heal-- as well as the mind-- and the counselors here are readily able to help patients make changes in their relationship with food. Their more holistic approach makes change and beginning new lifestyle choices much more sustainable for patients.

“Excellent therapy. Exceptionally well-organized and responsive to clients, and a lot of different therapists to choose from. I find it reassuring that the therapists are hand-picked for quality of training and abilities.” --Dan Q. Yelp Review

woman doing yoga as a part of a holistic mental health practice
Image courtesy of Village Center for Holistic Therapy. When you’re ready to make a change, consider the holistic and mindful approach of the Village Center for Holistic Therapy.

4. Village Center for Holistic Therapy

68 Wabash St., Ste. 100

Pittsburgh, PA 15220


The Village Center for Holistic Therapy believes that the answer to every problem starts by just listening. Their counselors take the time to speak with each patient and develop a unique, personalized approach to your well-being. They also know that everybody works differently and is more comfortable in certain situations rather than others. Which is why they offer:

  • Individual, couples, and group therapy-- depending on your needs
  • Exercise and meditation classes to help strengthen your sense of mindfulness
  • Workshops on all kinds of different topics closely related to wellness
  • Integrative health coaching, for a plan that is tailored to each patient’s needs

They have a couple of locations throughout Pittsburgh, and classes and workshops are offered at most of them. It is nice to note that there are choices when it comes starting your mental health therapy. The specialists at the Village Center for Holistic Therapy understand this, and will make a customized plan for you that may include a couple of a different options.

“The counselors are highly credentialed and accept most insurance carriers.Everyone takes a holistic approach, and you can get health coaching, Yoga classes, counselling, and more.” --David B. Yelp Review

a woman speaks about holistic mental health in front of a crowd
Image courtesy of Holistic Health with Mandi. Mandi is a QRA and ERT practitioner who would love to assist you on your way to truly healing.

5. Holistic Health with Mandi

5631 Carnegie St.

Carnegie, PA 15201


If you are interested in finding a counselor in Pittsburgh who offers a wide variety of holistic healing approaches, then consider Holistic Health with Mandi. Mandi understands that healing is truly possible when your mind, body, and soul are in their best alignment possible. This means supplementing any counseling with nutrition counseling that will help you adopt healthier eating habits. She is also a certified practitioner of QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) which is a way to get to the bottom of any problems your body-- or your mind-- may encounter. It is based on the fact that our bodies operate with electricity, and seeks to find the solution to a health issue at the quantum level. When you can find out the root problem, then you can restore and recharge the mind and body.

She also works with ERT (Emotional Repolarization Technique) which seeks to uncover and clear blockages the mind associates with negative or traumatic experiences. This could be a very powerful therapy, that will help the patient get to the root cause of their mental health issue.

“This woman is an Amazing therapist!  I have been seeing her for over three years and she is continually helping me work toward my goals.” --Brian M. Yelp Review

3 silhouettes jumping on a beach
Image courtesy of the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh. The counselors at the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh want to help you realize your goals. They offer all kinds of counseling services, so contact them today if you’re interested.

6. Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh

830 Western Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15233


Whether you need counseling related to your mental health, your marriage, or your family, the professionals at Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh are ready to help you. The believe in integrated therapy, and offer solutions that patients find can fit into their life. They are not interested in only helping you through your sessions, they want you to incorporate what you learn here into your life as a whole. This makes their style approachable and deeply enriching for patients. They also recognize that when a person has a positive sense of being, there is a rippling effect, which causes more and more people to promote a more positive sense of well-being.

When you’re ready to speak to the professionals at the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, you can be confident that you’re about to start down the path of healing. The Center realizes this is sometimes a difficult decision for patients, but it always ends up being the best one they’ve ever made.

a banner feature various elements of holistic mental health including meditation, nutritious food, essential oils, massage, and yoga
Image courtesy of Green Heiress. This holistic center is all about treating the mind, body, and soul. They seek to create a path of healing that incorporates all three aspects of the self.

7. Green Heiress Holistic Health

209 Commercial Ave., Ste. A

Aspinwall, PA 15215


If you are looking for a healthy, holistic way to help deal with stress and anxiety, consider checking out the courses and workshops lead by the experienced practitioners at Green Heiress Holistic Health. Offer a wide variety of specializations-- ranging from acupuncture, reiki, trauma therapy, and higher energy vibrations-- you are sure to find the help you’re looking for here. All of the  members of their staff believe in the holistic approach, and often couple their specialization with a dedicated look at nutrition and exercise. Meditation classes and yoga instruction are also offered at the center, and are usually done with a focus on a particular holistic discipline.

Healing is encouraged through a variety of practices, including through relaxing massages. The Green Heiress has massage therapists on site to continue your healing process.

“Green Heiress Holistic Center offers an experience that will shift your consciousness for healthy living. So many great practitioners and all in one location providing health and wholeness through a variety of modalities. Checkout the site and enjoy!” --Judi H. Facebook Review

When you’re ready to talk to someone, consider contacting the professionals at any of the places listed above. It’s a great place to start, and an important first step on your path to recovery.

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