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How Long Does Regain Counseling Session Last


Maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy as it may sound. So, it’s no surprise why more and more partners opt for couples relationships. However, not everyone has time to see a counselor in person.

Fortunately, ReGain Counseling came into the scene. This online relationship counseling platform specializes in individual counseling and relationship and marriage therapy. It is accessible via the phone, tablets, and desktops and connects individuals, partners, or married couples with licensed therapists.

ReGain Counseling Overview

ReGain focuses on helping people with their marital and relationships problems. This online counseling platform is easy to access and helps many couples avoid the hassles of scheduling and attending the traditional face-to-face counseling session in an office.

Couples can sign up to the ReGain account and access professional and licensed counselors. The primary mode of communication with the counselors is via text message in a virtual room, but others can also opt for phone calls and video conferencing.

How It Works

You can get started with ReGain through an app or its official website. Once you are matched with a counselor, you have to pay a fee.

Complete a Questionnaire

First, you have to complete a questionnaire in which you will pick between individual and couple counseling. The said questionnaire involves a series of questions about your current situation, what you want from the session, what issues you are facing.

Match with a Counselor

After completing and submitting the questionnaire, you will proceed to the payment screen. You will be notified via email once you are matched with a counselor. Beware that you may need to wait for a few hours or days, depending on the counselor’s availability.

Since each counselor has a unique approach to therapy, ensure to find the one you think will best support your counseling needs. If you believe the current counselor is not a good fit, you can request a new one.

Communicate with the Counselor

After matching with a counselor, you (and your partner) and your counselor will have a dedicated room, looking like a chat room. From there, you will communicate with the counselor, and all the messages are stored. That room is available 24/7, so you can send messages to the counselor any time you want.

You can write questions you have, your relationship concerns, and about yourself. The counselor will log in to a similar room and then read messages and respond with suggestions, feedback, additional questions, or insights.

Individual Counseling Overview

Individual counseling refers to the one-on-one counseling between you and the trained therapist in a confidential, caring, and safe environment. You will express whatever comes to your mind, and the counselor will help you become more comfortable expressing your thoughts.

As a result, you can identify the aspects of your life you would like to change. It also helps you better understand yourself and others. After the counseling session, you can determine what bothers you and want you really want from life. Then, you can start setting your personal goals and working towards the desired change for a happier and healthier life.

How Long Does Each Individual Counselling Session Last?

If you opt for individual counseling, the session often lasts about 50 to 55 minutes. That time is also known as therapeutic hours. While some experts offer 45- or 60-minute sessions, that 50- or 55-minute session is the standard practice.

The therapists require enough time to collect thoughts, jot some notes, and reset before their next client. In some cases, they might recommend a longer session, like 80 to 85 minutes. They do not recommend sessions less than 45 or 55 minutes. That is because it is challenging to get therapeutic work done in a few minutes.

Couples Counseling Overview

Couples counseling refers to a counseling in which licensed and experienced therapists work with people in a romantic relationship to gain insights into their relationship, improve their relationship and resolve any conflicts.

The therapists use a variety of therapeutic interventions. While the practice of couples counseling varies depending on the theoretical orientation of the therapists, most couples involve the general elements below:

●       A focus on a particular issue, like jealousy, intimacy, addiction to something, or sexual difficulties

●       Active participation of the couples to treat the relationship itself instead of resolving the issue separately

●       Change-oriented and solution-based interventions early on in treatment

●       A clear treatment objectives establishment

How Long Does Each Couples Counselling Session Last?

Couples counseling is slightly different from individual counseling. The first three sessions are dedicated to assessment and last around 85 minutes. Some counselors use the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is considered among the most effective couples therapy approaches.

Below is a breakdown of the three sessions that will give you valuable ideas how it looks like.

1. Intake Session

In this session, you and your partner will join together, and the counselor will guide you throughout the session. It includes discussing the issues, the history of your relationship, the goals you want to achieve from the therapy, and a 10-minute resolution discussion. A variety of questions are asked by the counselor to collect all the necessary information.

2. Individual Session

During this session, you and your partner will individually communicate with the counselor for more than 40 minutes. So, the total time spent is 85 minutes.

3. Feedback Session

The feedback session is the third 85-minute session. Once the first two sessions are completed, the counselor needs to consolidate all the collected information. During this session, you will get the results. Beware that the counselor has to spend time checking if the results match your relationship.

Final Thoughts

It is not always that you and your partner can solve your relationship issues by yourselves or ask for help from your loved ones. Sometimes, it is better to seek help from professionals. If you have no time to meet a therapist personally, you can take advantage of the ReGain Counseling platform. You can access the services and communicate with the therapists using your mobile devices. So, the entire counseling session is flexible and convenient.

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