How Practicing Gratitude Can Benefit Your Mental Health


What would life be if we weren’t grateful for anything? If we never appreciated what we had going for us in life, even when we were down or if we thought everything was against us? If that happens, not only are we always bringing ourselves down but our mental health can also be affected by it. It can cause us to think of everything badly and make thinking of things that are not against us a very hard task. This blog will show how practicing gratitude can benefit aspects of your mental health! 

What Exactly Is Gratitude? 

What It Is And Why It’s So Important 

Gratitude can be defined as the quality of being thankful and showing appreciation for others. By showing this kind of appreciation for one another, it’s easy to be happy with what they’ve done for us and how it affected us in the first place. Gratitude is also strongly associated with greater happiness and can help people feel positive emotions, have more good experiences and improve overall health. 

When we tend to think about the things that we have instead of things we don’t, which is a big part of gratitude, we can be more satisfied and happy with ourselves. It even allows us to see the good things in the world instead of all the bad, which can give us a different perspective in life—a good one too! By noticing everything we have to offer, we can better appreciate everything around us and everything we have worth living for. 

A picture of rocks with gratitude inspiration on them 
Once we can learn to be grateful and have gratitude for the things in our lives, we can learn to be happier with ourselves and have a more meaningful life. It’ll also allow us to become the best versions of ourselves since we’ll be happy with whatever comes our way, even if it’s something small! 

All The Positives Of Gratitude 

Happiness Is Here With Gratitude 

A great reason why we should always be grateful and practice gratitude is that it keeps us happy and well-rounded. Other reasons it can help can include: 

  1. Negative emotions go away. Since gratefulness involves being happy and thinking about all the good that life gives us, there’s no reason that negativity can come into play. It’s probably the emotion that would go away the fastest due to gratitude since you can’t be happy about something and also be negative, those are just opposites that don’t correlate! 
  2. Self-worth tends to be higher than usual. Once you realize that you have good things to look forward to in life and that not everything is against you, your self-worth can increase immensely. When you notice that there are people out there to help you get through things and that you can appreciate them for their efforts, your self-worth can become amazing! 
  3. Mental health increases. One of the most, if not most, important aspects of anyone’s life is their mental health. With gratitude if your mental health is ever down or you’re feeling any depressing emotions, gratitude can help those emotions go away. Once you realize that there are people that appreciate you and can help you through tough things, your mental health can be at an all-time high! 
  4. You’ll be in the present more. Sometimes when we’re worried about something that’s about to happen or has already happened, we tend to get ahead of ourselves and out of our present space. Although this is difficult to get out of and back into our headspace, it’s very important for our mental health and overall presence. Once we can learn to stay in the present and not worry about things that may have come our way or are about to come our way, it’ll be easier to have a happier time and more present moments in general. 
A woman sitting in front of a mountain view. 
Since there are many different positives surrounding gratitude, it can be easy to achieve, but only if you find different ways to do just that. A great way is to get out of our heads and realize everything that’s around us. Whether it may be a beautiful backdrop or even just a room full of friends, finding gratitude in the things around us can improve our mental health immensely! 

Ways To Practice Gratitude

There Are Plenty Of Options! 

If you’re worried about how you can learn to practice gratitude, there isn’t one specific way to do so. In fact, there are tons of different and unique ways to get out there and practice gratitude, either alone or even with others! Some of these ways can include:

  • Noticing the nice things around you.  Although this may sound simple and easy to do for some, it can be hard to really look at the things around us and see what’s all there for us. We tend to get invested in things that don’t matter or even things that may worry us, which draws us away from the big picture of life, which is living in the moment. If we’re able to just enjoy each other’s presence and really soak in the life in front of us, we’ll be able to have even more gratitude for what we have!
  • Journal. A lot of people have probably heard of journaling, but gratitude can be a great way to figure out what you love and can help to appreciate everything around us. By journaling, you should write down all the things you’re grateful for in life, whether maybe one day it’s your pet or your best friend or even a simple hello you got while feeling down. By remembering all these things that you appreciate, you’ll be able to look back and see how amazing life can be, which can even help your mental health! 
Someone journaling. 
By using different ways and techniques of finding gratitude in your life, you can find happiness and a good time. Be sure to journal anything that made you happy, never things that make you worried or overwhelmed in your day! 

Finding different ways to practice gratitude can boost your mental health and even skyrocket! Always remember good times and people you love being around in life to fully appreciate them and be grateful for everything they may do for you. 

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