How To Ask For Help With Mental Health


Sometimes it can be difficult to ask for help with anything, even when it comes to our mental health. Even if we are unsure if we need help or not, it never hurts to ask for it if you ever feel down in the dumps. But how to ask for it is the question. This blog will help those who are unsure how to ask for help, to ask for help with ease! 

Why and When Someone May Need To Ask For Help 

Sadness Can Go Away With The Right Amount Of Help 

If you’ve ever experienced changes in mood, had a rough time managing stress, or have had known symptoms of depression, now is the right time to ask for help. By asking someone for help, even if it’s friends or family, if you’re afraid of professional help at the moment, the road to recovery becomes a smoother process. Some warning signs telling you that it’s time to ask for help can include: 

  • Feeling sad but not having a reason as to why. This is one of the bigger reasons why you should ask for mental health help. Since you’re unsure of where the sadness is coming from, by talking to a professional about it, you’ll hopefully be able to find answers as to why you’re upset. You won’t want to wait around wondering where the sadness is coming from. 
  • When sadness stays instead of going away. Typically, we may feel depressed when a loved one isn’t paying as much attention to us as they used to, or even if we fail a test we really needed to do well on. But, there’s a big difference between that type of sadness and sadness that sits around for a while. Whenever we fail a test or get dumped, we feel sadness for a short period of time, it eventually goes away. But if you’re in a state of depression that seems to not be moving forward into happiness, it’s time for you to ask for help. 
  • Ongoing anxiety. Just like how we feel a burst of sadness when we get back a bad grade, we sometimes get bursts of anxiety for upcoming tests or big events. But, if this feeling of anxiety doesn’t go away for a long period of time, you’ll want to ask for some professional help to see why it won’t go away. 

If you’re ever feeling these types of symptoms, you may want to consider getting help. 

An anxious girl sitting down. 
Sometimes we get upset over little things like tests and significant others, but if it’s causing you more of an issue and isn’t going away, you’ll want to look into speaking with a professional about your feelings. It’ll not only make you feel better but will hopefully help you to stop feeling that way for good! 

How To Ask For Help 

Although Difficult, It Will Help Immensely 

Asking for help can be a really hard task for some people. It involves giving up control over yourself to someone else, which can be a scary thought to think about. But, when you do eventually get the courage to ask, life can seem a lot easier and get a lot better. 

Some may even be scared to ask because they think of asking for help as a sign of weakness. If anything, it’s more of a sign of strength. It shows that you have enough courage to ask someone else for something you need and shows that you’re willing to fix what may feel broken, which is your mental health. You’re showing a willingness to get better and to feel better, which is a powerful thing. 

Some tips on how to ask for help can include: 

  • Reaching out to someone, even a family member, when you’re feeling at your worst. Although if symptoms get worse, you may want to go to a professional. A good first step for getting comfortable asking for help would be to ask friends and family. This will allow you to express your feelings to someone you know before you go to a stranger. 
  • Practice saying that you’re not doing okay. It may be difficult to admit that you’re in a tough situation in life, but sometimes, you just have to admit that you’re not okay. This will help you realize you may need help and will get the ball rolling. 
  • Don’t be afraid of a diagnosis. Since depression can vary and differ from person to person, it can be scary to get diagnosed with it. But, if you’re able to accept a diagnosis, it can help you to get the professional help you need. 

Even though it’s hard to admit you need help, sometimes it’s something that you’ll need to do in order to feel better and maybe even figure out what’s wrong. 

Reaching two hands out. 
The sooner you’re willing to ask for help, the sooner you’ll be back on your feet in a happy-go-get-em mood. Even though it can be difficult to get out there and ask for someone else’s help, it’s needed in order to make you feel better. It’s also good to let others know that you’re feeling down because then they may be able to pinpoint what’s made you upset and then help you work towards putting a smile back on your face. 

Professionals in the mental health field are able to diagnose you and get you back on track to your happiest self. But without a professional knowing what’s going on inside your brain, you won’t be able to get the help you may need to make you feel the best that you can feel! In order to feel that way, you need to ask for help. 

Although it’s typically scary to get out there and pour your emotions onto someone else, it can be a relief instead of keeping everything bottled up to yourself. Hopefully, this blog has taught you how to embrace your feelings and get the help you need! 

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