How to Improve the Mental Health of Your Employees


Business owners are now starting to understand the importance of their employees’ mental health for the benefit of their business. The happier their employees, the more productive they can be, and the more profitable your business might also be. However, you can’t tell your team to be happier and expect their mental health concerns to vanish. You might need to take some of the following actions to improve the situation. 

Solve Understaffing Problems

Many businesses struggle with understaffing. To combat the issue, they request their current employees to take on more work, even if it means longer hours and more stress. You might be able to solve your workplace’s mental health problems by appropriately staffing your business to ease the burden on your team. 

If you click here, you can learn more about how to recruit more staff within your healthcare business. Alternatively, you might like to post attractive job ads offering competitive compensation packages to lure in qualified candidates. 

Offer Manager Training  

Unless your business is satisfied with ongoing absenteeism and high turnover rates, training your management team in mental health awareness can be crucial. Employees might not feel comfortable asking for help, but managers and supervisors with an understanding of what mental health struggles look like might be able to offer preemptive assistance before a problem becomes worse.  What’s more, mental health awareness training might also foster a psychologically healthy workplace culture, preventing many employee dissatisfaction issues in the future. 

Revisit Health Insurance Benefits

Whether you already offer health insurance or not, now might be the right time to visit employee policies and ensure there are benefits in place for both physical and mental health and that your policies reflect the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. 

You might also like to provide employees with the opportunity to access mental health support outside of your network to ensure easy accessibility during what might be a challenging time for them. 

Make Their Lives Easier

Balancing work and life can be challenging. The harder that balancing act is, the more stressed out and burned out your employees can become. Review the many ways you might be able to make their lives easier. 

For example, you might introduce remote work opportunities, as many businesses have, to allow more flexibility and better work-life balance. Alternatively, you might be more reasonable with time-off requests for special events and flexible working hours around children and out-of-work commitments. 

Listen to Them

You might have a long list of ways to address your mental health policy shortcomings, but you might not know what your employees need unless you ask them. Find out their wants and needs and ask for feedback about what you’re doing wrong and what you could improve. 

Since some employees might not feel comfortable discussing these matters with you in person, consider sending out anonymous surveys. Workers can answer your questions truthfully without feeling judged for the answers they provide. You can then determine the most valid points and create a better working environment that nurtures mental health and makes your team feel supported. 

Improving the mental health of your employees doesn’t have to be a significant undertaking. A few small changes, like adequate staffing levels, improved health insurance coverage, and communication, might be all it takes to change your working environment for the better.

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