How to promote your Instagram page in 2022 using the most efficient and quickest tools?


Instagram is the platform that offers the most possibilities to people who are trying to develop their brands and companies online – only here you can for free involve as many people as possible using the tools that IG provides; in some cases people don’t even need to invest much money into their profiles’ development, but if you decided to come on Instagram recently, you will definitely need some support. 

Insta is already saturated with thousands and millions of talented content creators, and to win the attention of the audience you should really try your best – but there is no need to wait long, because social media promotional sphere offers many great tools and methods which can help you with giving your page a head start and gather an audience of your dreams literally in several days. We will speak about the possibilities that promotion gives and will highlight several free and several paid options (e.g. a chance to buy real Instagram followers) that you can take on to increase the following of your page and make your posts gain more validation. 

  • Planning is your best friend. Everything should be planned through and written down in a chart – this is what is called a content plan. There you can write down your future publications linked to certain dates or just brainstorm some ideas that you have in terms of your profile. Both options are great, they just suit different people and different pages. The only misconception that you shouldn’t hold on to is that Instagram is a “go with the flow” thing. It is definitely not – people hire social media managers to take a hold on their accounts and plan things ahead if they themselves don’t have time or skill for that. You can do the same, actually, if you budget allows that. 
  • Figure out when is the best time to post. It might seem as a hard thing to do, and many specialists have different opinions on when is the best time. Some say that it is best to post in the morning, so that people would check out their feed and see your posts before work, some say that 5 p.m. is a golden time for a post, it will get many likes if posted then. But we’d say that the best way to figure out the timing is to follow the “routine” of the bigger blogger from your niche. You can choose whomever you count as a decent content creator and follow them through the day. Note, when they are posting regular publications and when they are putting forward stories. Count how many times they are putting forward reels and IGTV’s. Use that info to create a blueprint of your own schedule. This is going to be helpful and very efficient. 
  • If you don’t know whom to follow and how to gain your very first subscribers, synchronize your Instagram to your contacts and subscribe to people whom you know in real life. Somehow, people count that as an indecent step, but this might be critically helpful when you don’t know whom to follow and how to start off. Your acquaintances are going to be interested in what you’re doing online, and you are going to win your first subscribers just because you’ve been having several chats and meetings in real life. It is not that important if they are going to become your “all-time” followers, you just need them to start off. 

But if you’re here to win more than that, you can take advantage of the paid methods. For example, you can start with using a chance to buy Instagram followers, as it will help you with creating an initial base to rely on later. When people see that a certain account has a certain number of subs and likes, they are going to more willingly check out its content. Paid subscribers will help you to gain more natural subs, it is an inducing part of the process – you don’t need to worry, that somebody will see that you’re “faking it”. If you’re working with a decent company that sells nice quality services, you’re going to get real paid subs, who are actual people that are keen on working with the promotional company for a nice reward. Usually, people get coupons, discounts and different bonuses of all kinds – seems like a fair exchange, isn’t it? If you find a company like that you’re going to have no problems and no worries while developing your page. 

Beware the websites that claim to sell followers, but don’t tell their clients about how exactly they are doing it – there should be clear information on how the subs are being delivered, if there is no such info, ask a manager about it. But this is not quite a nice sign; if you have an opportunity, it is better to find a more reliable resource. If you don’t have time for research though, you can use the links that we have given you in this text. Those are going to save you lots of time and nerve.

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