Nature Destinations That’ll Help Fight Seasonal Depression Near Meadowlands, PA


As the season changes from the warm summer sun to the dark fall frigidness, many of us can feel a sort of seasonal depression. Although some seasonal depressions can stay an issue even if there are factors to help change those emotions, many of these sad emotions can be fixed with a nice nature walk in one of your town’s beautiful parks! This blog will teach you exactly where to go to get those happy walks in your life, specifically near the Meadowlands, PA area! 

What Is Seasonal Depression?

When Warmth Goes Away, It Can Be Hard To Stay Motivated 

Seasonal affective disorder is a depression that occurs with changes in season. Typically symptoms start in the fall and go into the winter months, which can affect aspects of your life like your overall mood and your energy. Sometimes people may think that they just become sad when the season changes because they love summer vacation so much, but this could mean you have SAD. 

If you do think you have the disorder, make sure not to let it affect your life too much. By going outside and enjoying the sunlight that’s there, you should be able to knock these feelings down and get right back on your feet again! Some of these symptoms of SAD can include:

  • Feeling sad most of your days. 
  • Having low energy. 
  • Having difficulty concentrating. 
  • Problems with oversleeping. 

If you have any of these signs and symptoms of SAD, possibly ask a doctor about how you’re feeling, and be sure to go on walks and enjoy the outdoors. 

A picture of winter snow on a street. 
As the months start to get colder and darker, be sure to maintain your mental and physical health by doing things you love and by going on plenty of nature hikes and walks with your friends and or family. Doing these activities will allow you to spend some time away from work and enjoy the fresh air outdoors, especially if you’ve been cooped up all day. 

Areas To Walk or Stroll Near Meadowlands, PA

Walking Can Be Healing 

There are many different ways that people can combat feelings of depression or even sadness about seasons changing, but one great way to do this is to go on nature walks. Nature is known to help lower stress hormones, reduce anxiety, and even improve mood, which are all perfect reasons to go on one right away! So, here are some of the perfect places to go near Meadowlands, PA, for that perfect nature walk you may be looking for! 

  • Canonsburg Town Park. If you’re looking for lots of fun with your friends and family, this is the perfect place for you. With things like a swimming pool, basketball courts, walking trails, bonfires, and a skate park, there are many activities to make your day and even season better! If you want to enjoy some picnic food with friends as well, there are pavilion rentals on their website, which are within walking distance from the pool and walking trails as well. Be sure to come here for a day trip to get every activity off your happiness list! 
  • Driscoll Park. Another park that you should be sure to visit is Driscoll park. This park, located in Washington, PA, also includes pavilion rentals and even has new playground equipment for young ones! Be sure to also enjoy a picnic here with friends and walk around their grassy area to get some fresh air. 
  • Montour Bicycle Trail. If you want a different option than walking and love to bike outdoors, this is the perfect place for you! This bicycle trail offers great views and a relatively flat course for seasonal bike trail lovers. It also includes sights like restored bridges and little creeks. 
  • Cross Creek Park Hiking Trail. Any type of park by a body of water offers perfect views and fun activities. This is why Cross Creek Park is the place to go! It offers a gravel trail and many hills to give you that perfect Pennsylvania atmosphere. 
  • North Franklin Township Park and Fitness Trail. This trail offers families, pets, and friends a nice spot to take a stroll and enjoy the fresh air. If anyone is looking for beautiful scenery and a nice walk with buddies, this is the perfect place for you, offering many sections of different greenery and trail finds to look at! 

Although there are also other parks and trails to choose from in any town in PA, there are some of the best that offers you a wide variety of great scenery and greenery. Be sure to visit any of these places to shift your mood into happiness mode! With places like these, your seasonal depression is sure to go away! 

A family walking in the rain in nature. 
By taking even a 15-minute walk in nature, you’ll be able to increase your happiness and improve your overall mood. Be sure to always find the best spots in your town for great scenery and greenery! There are always hidden gems to choose from in any town! 

Although seasonal depression can happen every year, there are many different ways to combat it, one of them is going on outdoor nature adventures with friends or family members. These places can be sure to improve mood and stress levels since the outdoors gives you time away from devices and work. 

Always be sure to check with a doctor first if anything else is going on with your mental health but if it is truly some seasonal sadness about the weather changing and increasing work requirements, make sure to always get yourself out in nature every so often to decrease those feelings of sadness! This blog hopefully taught you different places near you to go and cure the seasonal blues! And if you ever need help professionally, be sure to talk to someone!

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