The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in the Pittsburgh Area


When we take care of ourselves, we are able to give our best selves to others. So often we put our self-care at the bottom of our priority list, reasoning there just isn’t enough time to slow down and relax for even an hour. We have work deadlines, family obligations, and households to maintain. In reality that time spent caring for yourself will revitalize you, helping you to focus more clearly on all of your other to dos.

The Pittsburgh area has no shortage of places to pamper yourself, relax, and improve your mental and physical well being. From day spas and yoga studios to meditation and wellness centers. For anyone seeking a deeper level of self-care to address mental health issues, My Transformations Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatments provides fast and effective results, bringing you to a place where simpler self-care routines can help you find a happy balance.

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Even if you can only make it to one class a week, that hour or two you take to slow down, quiet your mind, and find inner balance through yoga, will contribute to your overall mental and physical well-being. While there are countless yoga studios and general gyms offering classes in every corner of the city, we’ve highlighted some of the more unique approaches to the ancient healing art.

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Verve 360

aerial yoga moves at Verve 360 Pittsburgh

While Verve 360 offers a variety of wellness services, from spa treatments and massages, to pilates and chiropractic care, their aerial yoga classes are one of their most unique offerings.  Utilizing silk hammocks to support you through various poses, it helps decompress the spine and lets you explore stretches and poses you may not be able to achieve otherwise.

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Yoga Motif

Paint Party at Yoga Motif Pittsburgh

Truly like no other yoga class you’ve ever experienced, Yoga Motif incorporates an added level of self-expression and creativity. Their Yoga Paint Party™ invites you to use your body as a paintbrush, as you create your own mess free take home painting on their special yoga mats.

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Illume Pittsburgh

moves on yoga wall in Illume Pittsburgh

Illume also offers more than just yoga classes, from meditation and reiki to their full-service wellness concierge and upcoming high-tech boutique health center. Their yoga classes incorporate their amazing yoga wall allowing students to explore new alignments. In addition to traditional flow and Iyengar classes, they have unique offerings like their BLACK YO)))GA class departing from the traditional sounds associated with yoga, with metal, industrial and darker music and themes.

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Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center

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The Pittsburgh Shambhala Meditation Center hosts open meditations, classes and retreats based in Shambhala Buddhism. Any form of meditation can help you learn to better quiet your mind, and rewires your brain into healthier neural pathways. The practice of meditation can be challenging though, especially for those who need it most, so joining one of the oldest most established meditation communities in Pittsburgh can guide you through the practice.

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Peace, Love and Zen

Himalayan Salt cave at Peace, Love, & Zen

Peace, Love & Zen is a stress relief sanctuary, offering state-of-the-art natural therapies from their Himalayan Sea Salt Cave that can aid in relieving a variety of ailments including inflammation and respiratory issues to their Amethyst bed, that also relieves a range of conditions such as reducing stress and eliminating toxins. Additionally they offer other more wide known modalities like acupuncture, massage, and cupping.  Whatever service you choose, you’ll be sure to leave feeling less stressed and refreshed!

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Revitalize Sewickley

LightStim Light Therapy room in Revitalize Sewickley

Revitalize Sewickley is the only local establishment that offers three powerful treatments for reducing stress, LED Light Stimulation Therapy, Flotation Suite Therapy, and  Himalayan Salt room Therapy. Their focus on Mind and Body wellness and how stress impacts illness makes them the perfect place for holistic rejuvenation!

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Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing

sacred stones on table at Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing

Regularly voted as the Best Massage and Wellness Spa in Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing provides a tranquil setting for relieving stress. They offer five different massages, spa services, like Sacred Stone Facials and Botanical Mud Detoxes, and a variety of alternative wellness modalities like reflexology, cellular expansion, and sound therapy. Whatever service you choose, you’ll be sure to feel relaxed and renewed after visiting them.

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Pittsburgh Acupuncture and Massageworks

acupuncture being performed at Pittsburgh Acupuncture and Massageworks

At Pittsburgh Acupuncture and Massage, you’ll find modern and traditional acupuncture treatment alongside additional massage and spa treatments. Acupuncture is an ancient practice that promotes safe and effective self-healing by balance internal energy flow. They can develop a custom treatment plan featuring the perfect modalities to address whatever ails you.

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Levity Float Studio

lobby at Levity Float Studio

Floatation Tank Therapy is an excellent stress relieving treatment. It helps relieve the physical stress of gravity on your body, which in turn helps quite the mind and flood the body with endorphins. At Levity Float Studio, they provide a peaceful environment to step away from the world and and help you reach the deepest levels of tranquility.

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