The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in West Virginia

December 17, 2018


Self-Care is a cornerstone of maintaining your mental health. When you take time to slow down and rejuvenate yourself, it strengthens your ability to remain balanced when life becomes more challenging.  While your list of to dos may feel too long to stop being busy even for a moment, it will actually help you accomplish those tasks with a clear mind and more focus.

From spas to yoga centers, there’s no shortage of places to escape for a moment in West Virginia and treat yourself. If you are one of the 16.2 million Americans who struggle with depression, self-care can play an even more powerful role in maintaining your well-being. In addition to weekly or monthly self-care exclusions, you may want to try Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to help manage your mental health. This innovative, non-invasive treatment helps to rewire your neural pathways to significantly reduce or even eliminate depressive symptoms. When paired with healthy self-care routines, you can find a new level of peace and balance in your life.

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Zen From Within

meditation & chakra therapy from Zen from Within WV

Zen from Within offers a wide range of holistic healing services in a zenful environment. From Bowen and Yoga Therapy to Breathwork and Meditation/ Chakra Therapy, you will leave feeling more balanced and restored

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Suncrest Yoga

partners doing yoga in Suncrest Yoga

Suncrest Yoga in Morgantown, offers heated Power Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and Body Barre classes for all levels. Yoga is an amazing practice to not only strength your body, but quiet your mind for a holistic self-care routine.

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Bliss Bliss Bliss

entrance door at Bliss Bliss Bliss West Virginia

Bliss Bliss Bliss offers in a single location the widest variety of massage, energy work, bodywork, and yoga in Morgantown, WV. They focus on creating a calm and inviting space that supports personal care and well-being, as well as encouraging a healthy union of mind, body, spirit.

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The Wow Factory

Inside the Wow Factory craft studio

The Wow Factory is a craft studio allowing you to find a creative outlet to express yourself with some self-care art therapy. They offer private and public classes to create paintings, pottery, glass fusing, mosaic and clay handbuilding. The walk in studio offers the chance to create on your own or with a class your group. Creating art and expressing yourself not only offers benefits on its on, the process of creating is a wonderful way to slow down your mind and escape.

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Judo Hapkido

people doing Judo at Judo Hapkido

Martial arts offer a mental and physical outlet for focus and exercise. Judo Hapkido offers self-defense and fitness focused classes focused on self-improvement. This studio offers training in four different schools of martial arts: Hapkido- the Korean system of self-defence and self-improvement, Judo- the Japanese martial sport utilizing leverage to provide strength to even the smallest of students, Sinmoo Yu Sool Kwan, and Te-Geri- a cross-training in a variety of disciplines including aerobic regimens, resistance training and martial arts-based techniques, all geared toward improving the physical and mental well-being of the student.

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Coopers Rock State Park

beautiful trees at Coopers Rock State Forest

Taking time to connect with nature is a wonderful outlet for self-care. Morgantown has no shortage of lovely vistas to explore the outdoors. Try visiting Coopers Rock State Forest featuring over 50 miles of hiking trails and bike trails, in addition to golf, geocaching, rafting and fishing.  

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Spa Oasis

float therapy at Spa Oasis in Fairmont

Spa Oasis in Fairmont is dedicated to renewal of the mind body and spirit with their range of services including massage therapy, skin care, and it’s flagship service, float therapy. Floatation provide a place of solace to escape the noise of the world, relieve pain, and assist in faster recovery.

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Bruceton Wellness

Himalayan Salt Cave in Bruceton Wellness WV

At Bruceton Wellness, you’ll find a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality chiropractic care available, in addition to massage therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasounds, and a Himalayan Salt Cave. Salt Therapy or halo therapy can aid in treating a variety of ailments from respiratory illness to poor concentration.

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Whatever your interests, you have a nice selection of options to choose from in the Morgantown area to provide yourself some much needed self-care. You’ll find once you start taking more time to restore yourself, you’ll be able to give the best of yourself to all your other endeavors and be able to face life’s challenges more easily.

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