Tips to Improve and Grow Personal Brand


Personal branding is what we all do consciously or inadvertently. We design to control what we want others to know about us. It gives us power over other people’s perceptions related to our image, reputation, skills, and values.

Experts at Forbes believe that a robust personal brand can increase your chances of getting a plum job, and it can positively impact your career. Those who understand this well take deliberate actions to create and project the desired image.

Our tips will help you grow your personal brand to achieve your personal, business, or work objectives. They are applicable to all, irrespective of the area of interest or expertise.

  • Identify your niche

First things first. You need to carve out a niche. It’s too short-sighted and naive to assume you can be effective and influential in all walks of life. Choose and focus on an area of your expertise depending on your strengths and interests.

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  • Create an appealing and professional profile

The logical next step is to create a powerful profile. Don’t be in a rush to finalize it. Every detail matters, so choose every image, every statement, and every feature with utmost care.

Depending on your area of expertise, identify key social media platforms where you will establish your presence. Each has its pros and cons, so scrutinize them carefully to choose the best fit. No need to spread too thin. Only go for those that can help you meet the set objectives.

  • Always smile

People sometimes forget to smile when they take pictures. It does not have to be an artificial one. You are not eating a lemon, by the way, do you know how lemon benefits for women? It's way more than just a part of lemonade. Just smile as you normally do. The power of an appealing and well-disposed image can hardly be overestimated. 

Be careful about choosing the images you post. Avoid getting photos in which you look awkward or vulnerable. You don’t have to stage things; just be natural and forthcoming.

  • Make your values known

Image matters, but you also want your followers, customers, or peers to engage with you because of your values. Write about your beliefs and sound off about any injustice or discrimination going against your value base.

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  • Avoid dodgy connections

Don’t rush to get connected with everyone you cross paths with. If you don’t know someone, take time to find out before you accept a request to link up.

It is common practice for people to browse through the profiles of connections, friends, and associates before they decide to engage with you. Don’t let them perceive you to be in bad company!

  • Be consistent

Be consistent in your messaging and positioning. If you keep confusing your audience with conflicting posts and views, you risk losing credibility. 

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Final Thoughts

Regardless of the area of your specialization, success is often determined by how well you are able to present yourself to the target audience. This has implications for your personal and professional achievements. Make the most of our tips to create and grow your personal brand for ultimate success.


Carl Hill has a long track record in marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. Having built a successful career with several top companies, he has moved on to providing management consultancy services to startups and growing businesses. Carl enjoys posting regular articles for students and young entrepreneurs with tons of useful tips on improving personal or company brands, reaching out to target audiences, and achieving greater management efficiencies. 

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