Top 5 Pre-Workout Exercise Guidelines



A pre-workout regime is a must whether you are on a weight loss journey or building your biceps. The confusion of what you should be opting for in terms of pre-workout exercises depending on your training is still prevalent.

However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Underneath, we will give your five everyday pre-workout warm-ups, which will get the blood flowing and your muscle ready.

They will include some generic exercises that everyone opts for and some specifics for certain training.

1. Push Ups

No one would encourage you to jump into vigorous muscle training early in the morning. Your body is probably not awake, which could lead to a muscle pull. Especially if you are muscle training for better lean muscle and core strength, this is a warm-up you should try first. A few push-ups are great ways to wake your core muscles and provide you with enough flexibility to continue weight training. Pshups also work on your pectoral muscles around the triceps and chest. Therefore, you are now ready for a full-body exercise.

2. Basic Warm Ups

If your goal is simply weight loss or to get your daily dose of exercise in the gym, you do not have too much stress about finding the right pre-workout regime or nutritional pre-workout diet. All you need is a good pre-workout supplement that can help you retain the strength, and these following warm-ups followed with the exercise.

  • Light jumps.
  • Take a light jog.
  • 25 to 50 squats.
  • Push-ups keep your knee down if you do not muscle train.
  • Light bodyweight lunges.

These will help you get the blood flowing and better flexibility for what comes next. Especially if you plan to sit for a yoga post-workout, this pre-workout can make your body more flexible for the stretches.

3. Cardios

Cardios are known as the full body workout. It is excellent for weight loss and has less chance of injury. However, cardio can also work as a great pre-workout regime for muscle training people.

Cardio is best for increasing heart rate and influences the release of endorphins, making you alert. A light jog on the treadmill or 30 minutes of cycling before your muscle training day will not get your body ready but your mind excited.

If needed, you can also increase the intensity with time, which will help you burn extra calories before you start toning your muscle.

4. For Leg Days

If you have a leg day, increasing your leg strength and flexibility every day could be the purpose of exercise warm-up. One such regime would be yoga with poses that puts more of your body weight on your feet.

On the other hand, you can also try foam roll on the tighter muscle of your lower body. Some areas you should roll are your calf muscles, quads, Hamstrings, and Lats. A vigorous leg workout can lead to worse kinds of cramps if your muscles are too firm.

5. For Arm Days

Similarly to arm day, your arm day will also require you to get the blood flowing. Heavy lifting and other muscle training can have an adverse effect on your muscles and sometimes nerves if you do not do a pre-workout.

Especially if you are a beginner in all this and you do not have the core strength to lift heavy. You have to first start preparing your muscles and get used to the idea of lifting. You can do it by taking lightweight equipment and squatting along with it.

In this way, you are not exactly lifting but getting your arms used to the weight.

Why Always Have A Pre-Workout Warm Up

Here are the reasons why you should always opt for pre-workout:

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