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Top 5 Sports to Get Rid of Writing Blocks and Improve Creativity


Surely every high school student, student, journalist, or content writer has had such moments when inspiration completely left you, and you did not know how to write an assignment or article on time. Getting rid of writing blocks and bringing back the spark of creativity to your texts in such cases can seem like a supernatural task. Of course, you can contact the special writing service anytime for help.

For example, it will be enough for you to type just “write my paper on,” and after the specified period, you will receive a creative essay, for which you will surely receive an excellent mark. When ordering paperwork from SpeedyPaper writing service, you can also be sure of the quality, thanks to the high professionalism and experience of the writers. But what if you want to complete the task yourself? In this case, you need to first change the type of activity.

It stimulates our brain, helps it switch to a new task or action, and get rid of existing blocks. And having received positive emotions, you can return to previous duties with more creativity and a desire to complete what you started. The most difficult question will be what kind of activity you should switch to. And our offer will be sports. It may seem strange to you, but first, read our article and then decide whether to heed our advice and quickly complete the task or continue to worry about the fact that your muse never returned to you. So, here are the top 5 sports that will help you get rid of writing blocks.


No one will be surprised if we say that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. At the same time, those people who do not like it very often speak disparagingly about the game and the players, saying that it is stupid when 22 players kick the ball around the field, trying to hit them at the gate. And no one thinks about how technically difficult soccer is because this is almost the only game in which a person controls the ball with their feet. Many of us find it difficult just to throw the ball with our hands or kick it with our feet when the children playing on the playground ask us to return the ball. Any action that is not typical for our brain helps it to develop; in the course of the game, new neural connections are formed, and you learn to calculate your actions and their consequences a few steps ahead. Therefore, if you want your brain to develop by performing unusual activities, then play football, and activating the brain will quickly help you get rid of writing blocks.


Another game that, at first glance, seems very simple to everyone. Nothing difficult; just hit the ball with a racket and throw it to the other side. But it is not for nothing that tennis is called chess in motion. And one of the most important traits of a successful tennis player is creativity. When Roger Federer, one of the greatest tennis players of our time, was on the court, his best matches were like improvised pieces of music. The rhythm, style, and dynamics were changing, and it was impossible to predict his next step. That is why, if you lack creativity, start playing tennis; it will surely make your work more exciting.


Dancing is one of the best ways to evoke emotions in a person. If you dance in pairs, then this will teach you to listen to your partner and to understand them almost without words. Therefore, it will be easier for you to understand what those people who will read your work expect from you. In addition, it is dances that help a person to become more open and stop feeling shy. This is what can help you get rid of writing blocks and also add sensuality to your work. The creative approach to dance moves is sure to carry over into your writing, making your style unique. So dance and write more boldly!


Have you ever heard of second wind? When running, it is very important to be able to wait for it as well as when you write something. Very often, quitting everything and doing nothing can be tempting, especially if you lack creativity or the impulse to keep writing. Running will teach you to wait for the right moment and then make every effort to make everything work out exactly as you intended. Plus, many people feel energized after running, which means they'll have more energy to complete more tasks.

Horseback riding

This sport is useful for removing absolutely any blocks because there are techniques for treating autism spectrum disorders in children, precisely thanks to horseback riding. Communication with animals always helps us open up, gives positive emotions, and positively affects our creativity.

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