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TMS Therapy with Offices Nationwide
I still have bad days, but there are fewer now. I became interested again in the things I had set aside for over a year, such as crafting, crocheting, writing, I even started to become more present with my family and at my job.
After about two to three weeks of TMS, I noticed a major shift - the feelings of hopelessness and sadness were dissipating, like rain clouds after a storm.

TMS Treatment Path

Diagnostic Assessment

Determine if criteria are met for TMS treatment. This consists of a 60-90 min evaluation with a PMHNP.

Prior Authorization

If criteria for TMS treatment is met, it is very likely your insurance company will require a prior authorization. This can take 3-10 days to receive a decision.

We partner with you

Your first appointment consists of determining location, dose and then followed by a full TMS 19-min treatment.

Daily TMS Treatment

You will receive 19 minute treatments Monday through Friday. Treatment may be as short as 3 weeks and up to 9 weeks, depending on client need and insurance.

Refresher Treatments

A new authorization for TMS treatment can be requested from your insurance company for those clients requiring additional treatment sessions.

Mapping, Motor Threshold & First Treatment

Even though Transformations practitioners do not manage client medications long term, we can make medication adjustments as necessary throughout treatment course. Once TMS treatment is complete, clients will return back to their prescribing provider for ongoing medication management. Transformations can also assist in finding an ongoing medication provider.

Transformations TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective treatment for people who have not achieved remission from depression with antidepressants alone.
Clinically Proven
Backed by the largest clinical data set in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for any TMS treatment.
Covered By Insurance
Due to its innovative and proven efficacy, TMS may be completely covered by health plans.
Effective And Durable
In an open-label clinical trial, 3 in 4 patients responded and 1 in 2 achieved long-lasting remission.

We Care About Your Experience

The local communities of Pittsburgh and West Virginia have helped raise us. Now, it is our mission to give back.

Our staff understands the importance of community, and that’s why we are so dedicated to serving the people and communities that helped raise us by leveraging the power of TMS to help people achieve long-term remission from depression

From your first phone call with one of our case managers, we strive to make your experience with our facility a positive one.

Our Philosphy

  • Delivering the right dose to the right location, every time.

  • Making long-term remission from depression possible

If you have any questions about our services or how we are able to serve you, please reach out to us today!

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“I became interested again in the things I had set aside for over a year, such as crafting, crocheting, writing - I even started to become more present with my family and at my job.”
“I'm happy every day now. Thank you Transformations, for giving me my life back."
Heather, WV

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