GuidesThe Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Nursing Within the Mental Health Space

There is currently a huge shortage of nursing staff throughout the country. While some individuals are deciding that nursing is the right career for them, it is still not keeping up with the pace of the demand for this career.

GuidesOvercoming Substance Abuse: Tips From the Experts

Wondering how you can overcome the challenge of substance abuse? Abusing substances like drugs or alcohol often leads to mental health problems or even death in the worst scenarios. However, the good thing is that there are different measures you can take to overcome this problem. Here are tips from experts that can help you address the issue.

GuidesA Detailed Guide To Know Everything You Need To Do To Open A Rehab

Drug addiction or alcohol abuse can cause mental disorders, and this problem is a cause for concern since it affects millions of people in different places. However, rehabilitation often provides treatment to stop the misuse of substances and create a lasting plan for recovery.

GuidesCan Supplements Help You Regain Focus? 5 Things To Know

Can't find the right formula to stay connected and invested in what you're doing? Or are you one of those people having a hard time maintaining their attention on their work?

GuidesTips to Improve and Grow Personal Brand

Personal branding is what we all do consciously or inadvertently. We design to control what we want others to know about us. It gives us power over other people’s perceptions related to our image, reputation, skills, and values.

GuidesLearn The Effect of Racism on Mental Health

Racism is the idea that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural and behavioral features. One group can be better than another.

GuidesHow To Grow Up Spiritually in College

Many people only worry about their physical being while in school. As such, they do whatever it takes to stay fit. You will find them exercising regularly and eating healthy food.

Guides5 At Home Treatments For Anxiety You Should Try

Anxiety is a common mental disorder affecting millions of American adults and adolescents. While you may not have the disorder itself, perhaps you experience anxiety-related symptoms, such as irritability, constant worrying, or trouble concentrating from time to time.

GuidesHow To Select The Right Mental Health Internship Program

If you’re planning to launch a professional career in the field of mental health, selecting the right mental health internship program requires intense research. Through research, you get information that’ll help you discern which mental health internship program to choose out of the plethora of selections available.

GuidesHow To Deal With a Gambling Addiction

For some, gambling is a type of entertainment. They love the feeling of getting “high” or excited about the chance of winning something. For others, they consider gambling as a coping mechanism. These chance-based games make them forget about their problems, worries, and depression, and winning these games contribute a lot to their self-confidence.

GuidesHow to Transform Your Life and Overcome a Serious Addiction Problem

Serious addiction problems can seem impossible, but by following a few simple steps, you can overcome them and begin to transform your life.

GuidesTransform Your Life After A Relapse: 4 Ways To Get Back To The Recovery Phase

It can be difficult to get back on track after a relapse. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will discuss four ways that you can get back into the recovery phase and start living a healthy life again.

GuidesImportance of Self-Care for Nurses: How to Prioritize Yourself

Nurses are some of the most important people in the world. They work hard to care for others, often putting their own needs last.

GuidesDifferent Ways You Can Help Others As a Nurse Practitioner

If you’re considering working as a nurse practitioner, you might find yourself curious about how you can help others within this role.

GuidesLearn the Ins and Outs of Helping People With Mental Problems

Physical problems are by no means easy to handle but mental problems pose a unique set of challenges, not only for the patient but also for their family and guardians. Mental health problems come in many different forms with varying severity.

GuidesHow to write an informative essay

Many people have a rich vocabulary and know where and how to use the "necessary" words, but give up when it comes to the essay, especially at the beginning. Don't worry, this article will give you a few suggestions on how to write your essay.

GuidesThings Every College Student Should Know About Therapy

Not all students enjoy university life; many are stressed before exams and find it difficult to build meaningful relationships. Illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder abound, as do their negative effects on education.

GuidesKratom and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

If you are someone who has been using kratom and you use it occasionally, maybe just twice a week – you don’t use it very often, which is why you won’t experience kratom withdrawals. But, if you are someone who tends to use kratom on a daily basis, especially multiple times a day – if you were to quit kratom and go cold turkey – you will certainly experience some withdrawal symptoms.

Self CareHow Long Does Regain Counseling Session Last

Maintaining a healthy relationship is not easy as it may sound. So, it’s no surprise why more and more partners opt for couples relationships. However, not everyone has time to see a counselor in person.

GuidesA Detailed Detox Guide That Will Help You Remove All Toxins From Your Body

Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. These can come from a variety of sources, including food, drink, air pollution, and cigarette smoke. They can also be produced by the body as a result of normal metabolic processes. If left unchecked, these toxins can accumulate in the body over time and lead to health problems. In this article, you will learn how to detox your body and remove all harmful things!

StressHow Job Insecurity Affects Mental Health and How To Cope

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, a lot of people have been losing their jobs. Not only that, but mental health is at an all time low. These two things may be related.

Self Care Making TMS Work For You

How To Get The Most Out Of TMS Treatment

Self CareHow to Build and Maintain Your Happiness

Take the reigns over your mood and well-being with these happiness tips backed by science

DepressionConfronting Existential Depression: How to Help Yourself and Your Loved Ones

It is natural to desire meaning in your life, but what should you do if your existential thoughts start to trigger depression?

GuidesA Complete Guide to Support Groups In Pittsburgh

A Comprehensive List of Support Groups Available in Pittsburgh and Its Surrounding Neighborhoods

DepressionNatural Ways to Fight Depression

Boosting Your Mood Through Diet, Exercise, and Meditation

DepressionDealing with Postpartum Depression

What to Do If You’re Experiencing Depression After the Birth of Your Baby

PTSDUnderstanding PTSD: What Is It, and How Do We Recover?

A Closer Look at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and How to Treat It

GuidesProtecting Our Youth: the Importance of Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness

It’s Never Too Soon to Talk about Mental Health, But It Can Be Too Late

GuidesHow to Cope with Depression During Pregnancy

Everything That You Need to Know about Antepartum Depression and How to Treat It

GuidesThe Ultimate Patient's Guide to TMS Therapy

Wondering If TMS Is Right For You? Here’s Everything That You Need to Know.

Guides7 Holistic Mental Health Counselors in Pittsburgh You Should Know About

Looking for a Holistic Practitioner in Pittsburgh? Make Sure You Check Out These Options

Bipolar DisorderThe Ultimate Guide to Self Care in 2019

Tips and tricks to taking care of your mental health in 2019

GuidesThe Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in West Virginia

From spas to yoga centers, there’s no shortage of places to escape and treat yourself in West Virginia. If you are one of the 16.2 million Americans who struggle with depression, self-care can play an even more powerful role in maintaining your well-being.

GuidesThe Ultimate Guide to Self-Care in the Pittsburgh Area

When we take care of ourselves, we are able to give our best selves to others. These Pittsburgh wellness spas and yoga studios can get you on track to improving your mental and physical health.