4 Valentine’s Day Activities To Promote Healthy Relationships Near Monroeville, PA


Valentine’s day is the perfect day for love and friendship. This is the day when everyone has time to appreciate the people in their lives that they love and adore, and the perfect way to help do this is by doing fun activities or going to exciting events with one another during this special holiday! Although sometimes it may be hard to figure out exactly what to do with your loved one, there are many different already-planned events you can attend so that the holiday jitters are out of the way. This blog will teach you about all the places you can visit near Monroeville, PA! 

Why Is Valentine’s Day So Important?

Love Is In The Air! 

Even if you don’t have a significant other in your life for this holiday, it’s still important to think about all the other people you love in your life during this time and day! There are always some events like a Galentine's dinner or even a movie with friends that can make this holiday special for everyone! This day allows everyone to show how much they love one another, whether that’s through offering gifts like flowers or a special outing like a fancy dinner and bowling. Even a nice gesture like a hand-written card can make someone happy! If you want your relationship to stay strong and healthy during this time, you’ll want to read the rest of this blog to see the different events and activities you can do and attend! 

Valentine’s candy hearts 
Whether you’re with friends for Valentine’s day or with a significant other, it’s important to show whomever how much you love and appreciate them. Although this can be a daily thing where you say I love you, appreciating someone on a holiday like this makes the day even better and can brighten their mood even more than you may have already done so! Make sure to plan a picnic or even a movie night to make this day even more entertaining and exciting for all! 

Activities For The Heart 

Picnics And Dates Can Be Wonderful 

Although there are many different events you can choose to do with a significant other during this holiday, you’re going to want to think out of the box this year to make it more exciting and spontaneous. Here’s a list of different events or activities you’ll need to go to or do in February! 

  • Plan a picnic. Since there are so many different outdoor parks to choose from, this idea is one of the best and somewhat cheap that you can do for your special someone! If you want to make it more catered to what they like, be sure to get food from a favorite local restaurant so that the picnic can include delicious food and fun. In Monroeville, parks like Monroeville Community Park West or even Alpine park offer great landscapes and even picnic areas for you to enjoy a little dinner or late lunch. You can even enjoy some live music at some of these locations while you dine! It’s the perfect spot for a grand picnic. 
  • Go to a fancy restaurant. Any type of fancy restaurant, like a steakhouse, is sure to be a perfect date for two. There are many different options, especially in Pittsburgh, that are sure to be a grand time as well! One place you could go to is Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Pittsburgh. Here you can look forward to hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and even upbeat and lively music. If you’re in need of a great meal with live and fun music, this is the perfect place for you! Another place you could go to is Xia’s Restaurant,  Lounge & Events. Here you’ll be able to enjoy quality food with a classy atmosphere and great vibes! Be sure to check out their banquet rooms as well, in case you want a more private setting with friends and/or family. The perfect place for a Galentine’s meal is here, especially since most of their hours are late nights!  
  • Bowling. Although this is more of an activity than a sit-down dinner or picnic, bowling is still fun and competitive to do with a loved one or friends. Head on down to Lokay Lanes in Monroeville to have yourself a pin-tastic time with someone on Valentine’s day. Here you’ll be able to bowl your heart out with someone you love dearly! 
  • Watch a movie. Whether you want to do this in the comfort of your own home or not, this is one of the perfect dates to have with someone for Valentine’s day! But if you were looking to go out to a movie theater, a great option would be the Cinemark at the Monroeville Mall. Be sure to find a romantic or fun movie for you and your date to enjoy! 

By doing any of these activities listed above, you’ll for sure be on your way towards a healthy and happy relationship this Valentine’s day! 

A fancy dinner plate with flowers and hearts 
Any activity you decide to do, whether, with friends or a romantic partner, you’ll for sure want to celebrate this holiday in one way or another! Make sure to get a significant other flowers or some sort of gift as well so they know how much you appreciate them. 

To make this holiday one of a kind, be sure to know what your significant other or friends like. That way, you can get them gifts or their favorite foods like chocolate-covered strawberries, to help get them excited and happy about the day to come. Be sure to plan any events out beforehand as well, you don’t want to arrive at a packed restaurant unprepared and unready to eat and celebrate. But, by doing any of these activities listed above, you’re all ready and set to have a fantastic and love-filled holiday!

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