How To Grow Up Spiritually in College


Many people only worry about their physical being while in school. As such, they do whatever it takes to stay fit. You will find them exercising regularly and eating healthy food. Doing this helps keep them in shape. However, many people neglect another aspect of their wellness - spiritual well-being. This is wrong, as humans require some level of spirituality to have a balanced life.

If you consider your mental or psychological being essential, you need to take active steps to protect and improve it. Below are ways for you to grow up spiritually while in college.

Transform from Within

What lies within matters more than your outward look. Therefore, you will need to work on how you think and feel. Having a good heart is key to transforming from within. To do that, you should distance yourself from:

  • Hatred.
  • Anger.
  • Envy.
  • Arrogance.

You will want to fill your heart with love, happiness, contentment, and patience. Having these attributes can help build a healthy spiritual presence. You can attain these good traits by actively working on yourself. You can also achieve these attributes by interacting with clergy and decent people from your college religious congregations. Using the best dissertation editing services can help you concentrate on spiritual development while working on your thesis. Likewise, this platform has specialists that are experts in thesis editing.

Follow Religious and Spiritual Scriptures

Spirituality is predominately based on religion. In turn, most beliefs are based on scriptures. You may want to imbibe the good teachings contained in the holy book you follow. Such teachings include:

  • Forgiving people that wrong you.
  • Loving one another.
  • Being good to family, neighbors, strangers, and the people around you.
  • Living an honest and hardworking life.

Holding on to these traditions can help you become a better individual. Living a good life can help boost your level of spirituality. So, you should find time out of your busy college schedule to read and contemplate scripture.

Believe and Love a Higher Power

Different people define belief in a higher power differently. As a result, people may believe in God, nature, or the universe. Whatever you believe in, accepting the existence of a higher power is an excellent source of piety. Being a believer gives you purpose in life. As you grow up in college, having belief gives you are reason to do good and avoid behaving negatively.

Be Accountable for Your Actions

Being accountable for your actions means being aware of your acts and responsible for their consequences. It means you consciously keep track of your good and negative activities. Hence, you become cautious of what you say and do. Likewise, you become more likely to do good and avoid negative actions, which constitutes the basics of spirituality.

Similarly, you can find a fellow student to assist you on your spiritual journey. You can help each other become accountable by reminding one another to do good. In other words, you will want to find a friend that keeps you on your feet spiritually by ensuring accountability.

Prayer and Meditation

Regular prayer is a great source of spiritual strength. It gives you special moments of connecting with what you believe in. Equally, you may opt for meditation if you prefer to do so. In either case, you will want to pray or meditate regularly. You should also find a quiet and serene environment for performing these acts. Alternatively, you can pray or meditate in the school congregation to boost spirituality by being with others.

In Conclusion

Growing up spiritually in college can be achieved in several ways. However, you will want to transform yourself from within, letting the outer attributes take the second place. Using the teachings of scripture can be beneficial. Belief in a higher power can help you get closer to your goal. Also, you will want to be accountable for your actions. Finally, prayer and meditation can help you evolve spiritually. The tips we mentioned can put you on the right path when exploring your own spirituality, but remember to always listen to your heart and do what feels right for you.

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