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Most Outdoor-Friendly States To Move To If You Want To Improve Your Mental Health


As our society strives for profit over people, cities are becoming more and more corporation-oriented rather than people-oriented. A lot of cities are becoming machines fueled by peoples’ crushed spirits, but it is not all doom and gloom. There are still many wonderful places out there that are made for people. States where you can live like the human you are supposed to be rather than a slave.

One of the most important aspects of these states is how outdoor-friendly they are. We are made to be in touch with nature and seeing nature has a lot of effects on our brains. Our eyes are not used to looking at streets and glass skyscrapers all day, that is not for us. You would be surprised to see how much your mental health gets better when you spend some time in nature, away from all of the city noise, pollution, and lifestyle. Here are some of the most outdoor-friendly states that you should consider moving to for your mental health sake.

A short guide for buying property

No matter which one of the following states you choose, you need to know how you want to buy property. Whether you are interested in buying real estate in Utah for example or Colorado, these basic principles apply. You want to know the real shape of the home you are getting, meaning you want a lot of photos. A good real estate agent will not be hesitant to show you all the small details and talk about them until you are satisfied.

There is a difference between corporations wanting to sell you a house and those wanting to help you find a new home. Those who want to sell a house will be hasty with it and see you only as a consumer they can milk for money. A good real estate agent will take it nice and easy and will not hide anything from you, they will be transparent with everything. You will always be welcome to check everything and make sure everything is working as intended.

Comparing websites

The most popular websites for buying real estate are Zillow, Trula, and Redfin, but they are not necessarily the best ones. These corporations got a bit too greedy with how big they have become, and they want more. These corporations are currently under investigation due to their poor handling of customers’ private information. It has been confirmed that they managed to earn more than $1.4 billion for selling customers’ private information.

This is a real problem because it shows how far they can go without any consequences, who knows what they will do next? These corporations are also in the spotlight due to making the housing market even worse, especially during the pandemic. They inflated the bubble artificially making the prices skyrocket, all because they wanted to make more money. They do not want you to have a place you can call home unless you pay them the price they make you pay.

Real estate agents

There is still hope for the housing market with new real estate brokerages willing to stand up to this. Individual real estate agents have a higher regard toward their customers in every aspect. They are not kin to selling private information because they are under stricter regulations and more. They lose more by doing this, and they benefit more from transparency with their customers.

A great example of a real estate brokerage is eXp Realty with its competitive prices and drive for real innovation. Zillow and other corporations do not care anymore about making improvements, they mostly want money. eXp Realty on the other hand is making everything better for the customer with better services and attention to detail. By taking a look at just the maps and how they lay out all the information, you can already see they are more customer-friendly than the big corporations. 

What to look for?

The real fun starts once you settle for a website that wants to help you and looks at you with more honor. It is important to check if all the basic necessities are in order, and ask for the condition of electricals and piping. Check how much the electricity costs and how much you need for heating, and ask for the state of the insulation. Paying for the house upfront is one thing, but paying for it in the long term is another.

Check if you get the house furnished or unfurnished, sometimes people are decisive about those details. Do not look just at the house but also look around the house, check out the neighborhood. You want to find a friendly neighborhood with no lousy neighbors to disturb your peace. You also want a home close to public transport stations and close to a grocery store. Now, let’s take a look at states that also offer more beautiful nature and outdoor activities to your front door.


Whether you like mountains, lakes, or deserts, Utah has it all. Utah is the number one state for outdoor recreational activities due to its unique nature and vast spaces for connecting with nature. It is home to 5 national parks and more than 40% of residents are dedicated to recreation. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to enjoy all levels of recreation.

Utah is an especially beautiful place if you like stargazing due to the lack of light pollution. You still need to get a bit further from the main cities to see them, but that is the beauty of it. You can spend a day hiking and enjoying beautiful stars in the evening once you settle for the night. Utah is also great for living inside the major cities, if you have kids you will offer them top-notch education here.


Compared to Utah, Oregon has a coastline and it is more of a forest area than a desert. If you love backpacking through the woods, Oregon is the place for you. There are so many animals, especially birds, you can find in the woods. There are also more opportunities for water sports in Oregon due to its access to the ocean where paddle sports are most popular. You can also enjoy fishing and many more activities that are listed on the official Oregon website.

You do not need to live in Portland to enjoy this city, there are plenty of other beautiful cities. Some smaller cities might even be nicer if you just want to relax and isolate for the time being. Oregon is very bike friendly, which is a refresher compared to many car-centric cities of the US. There are also no sales taxes in Oregon, which is a huge benefit in the long term if you plan on staying here.


If you are more of a dessert guy, Nevada should help you ease up your mind. Nevada is mostly known for Las Vegas and Area 51, but there is much more to this country than that. A desert is a great place if you like off-roading and making wild memories. There are also plenty of opportunities for air sports in Nevada due to the terrain. This was a perk for Utah, but it is also a perk for Nevada, star gazing is beautiful in the desert.

All year round you can expect to do something fun because it is different in summer and winter in Nevada. You will not find snow in the desert, but there are other parks that get snowy. Thus, you can always switch up activities if you want to be in a more dynamic state. This is a great place for getting in touch with both your spiritual and physical self, through exploration.


Colorado is a welcome spot for all mountain people and forest lovers. There are plenty of small cities near Denver if you want to be close to the city but also close to nature. Climbing is especially fun in Colorado, you can plan the perfect hiking route. You can start off in the forest and venture forth to a mountain peak later on if you are feeling for it. It is in our nature to love the outdoors and rely on all of our senses to make it in the wilderness.

It is very important for our brains to experience these sensations of nature from time to time. Once you are climbing, you are not thinking about your job or other people, all focus is on making it to the top. Colorado is at its best during winter when a variety of winter sports become available. If you like living in a colder area and getting cozy after such a day, you will like it here in Colorado.


Montana is way up to the north so if you like it even colder than Colorado, this is the place. There are plenty of small cities in Montana which make it perfect for isolating from the rest of the world. With so many national forests and Glacier National Park, you will fall in love with the place. Horseback riding is especially popular in Montana, which becomes even more beautiful out in nature.

Humans were made to be in contact with nature and all its inhabitants, both plants and animals. Horses are very cute and everyone who was in touch with a horse can tell you that. They all have personalities and befriending a horse is even more beautiful. With such a combination, exploring the vast nature of Montana becomes a real adventure. 


Yellowstone National Park is probably the most popular park in the US, and it is here in Wyoming. Aerial shots of places are beautiful, especially when you see them with your own eyes. Wyoming has some of the best zip lines in all states which allows you to see far and far away. Wildlife is especially preserved here, and you can see many animals out in the wild instead of in cages.

Animals were also made to be in nature and if they are not kept correctly, they also suffer. This does not mean that all zoos are bad, it depends on the conditions in which they are kept. Balance is important in every aspect of life, for humans, animals, and plants. Nature is made to be dynamic, in a steady state of homeostasis where we get to be wild but also safe. There are always boundaries that must be respected, we can get out of them but only for a little while.

New Mexico

There is more to New Mexico recreation than driving an RV into the desert with your chemistry teacher. Camping and fishing are most popular in New Mexico which makes for perfect activities with your kids. If you want to be more chill and also be in nature, there are plenty of golf courses in New Mexico. It is important to do both the more adventurous activities and also chill from time to time.

Feeling the adrenaline pumping is integral for us, that is what adrenaline is for. However, we also need to cool down sometimes and just do nothing and lay down in nature. Balance is important for keeping your mental health up and running the right way, you need stimuli but also peace. 

It is possible to get mental help by connecting with nature and these states are the best places for that. However, it is very important to know that this is not a permanent cure for this problem. It should not be left up to the individual to go a long way, so they can be where they are supposed to be. We need more systematic solutions that help in dealing with these for everyone no matter the state.

Corporations should be stopped from taking our time from nature while they are destroying it. The US is a real gem when it comes to nature, but this gem is under many threats. The only reason why only a handful of places are national parks is that there are no profits from such places. The real profit and concern should be the mental welfare of everyone, and we need more access to nature that should be more protected.

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